Morbid Obesity


I'm looking on guidance for coding of Morbid Obesity and Malnutrition on the MDS. I have had situations where the attending physician has diagnosed the resident with Morbid Obesity or Malnutrition, however when our dietician does their evaluation they do not feel the resident meets the "criteria" for coding Morbid obesity or Malnutrition.


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Although a physician has the ultimate authority to enter diagnosis does not mean it becomes indisputable. A physician may have copied a prior transfer medical record rather than an actual eval’n to arrive at these diagnoses while a Dietitian conducted a comprehensive nutrition assm’t.

Notwithstanding a physician obtained less credit than a dietitian had about nutrition and dietetics. Albeit, the Dietitian must confer with MD for clarification and request a diagnosis entered or resolved based on his/her assessment. Both must agree!