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Bachelors in Health Sciences with a Minor in Holistic and Integrative Health Medicine. ABSN Student Class of 2020.

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  1. lvng4themoment

    A lost nursing student...

    I am in my second semester of a 4-semester ABSN. I have a passion for midwifery. Like Ina may gaskin midwifery. I feel drawn to this field, I believe going through the transition of motherhood si sacred and I want to help women along the way. But I have a fundamental belief that is making me question a lot... I believe if you started with a specific midwife while pregnant, that should be the midwife you give birth to your child with. My problem is, I want to have kids of my own in the last 10 years and I fear that if I have to leave for a birth on a special occasion, my child's birthday, Christmas morning etc, that it will negatively impact my own children. Will I be giving them a less than ideal childhood if I'm not there on Christmas morning? My partner has suggested I do more mainstream midwifery when my children are small, but I find that holistic homebirths and making a strong connection with one midwife is much more important to me, I don't like the idea of having my own shift and then not helping a woman give birth that I've seen for 9 months because I'm not on shift when she goes into labor (as it is in some team lead birthing centers or hospitals). Any thoughts? Do you think missing Christmas morning for a birth will negatively impact my future relationship with my kids? Should I choose a different career because of it, or is that something I could adapt to and still give me kids a loving childhood?
  2. lvng4themoment

    Any CNMs That Want to Comment On Their Schedules?

    At home births, water births, birthing without pain medication, spiritual midwifery and how you think of birthing- a spiritual event, a coming of age, a life journey, a women's birth not just of her child but of herself as a new woman. I struggle with thinking of "sharing" calls because I believe if you start with a patient, build a raptor and have done all their prenatal care it just seems like a disservice to not birth their child... I think a lot of women go for midwifery because its more personal and intimate and I think seeing the same person through pregnancy and then not for the birth would really hurt that personal trust a patient has with their midwife...
  3. I am a currently ABSN student 3 weeks into a 15 month program. I want to be a CNM... But I am concerned about the scheduling. I want to a holistic CNM. But I am concerned, how do you go on vacation when your clients could go into labor at any point?
  4. lvng4themoment

    Any Words of Wisdom?

    In a sense I got lucky, people without prior credits that transfer into this program start the summer at 18 credits.... Thank you for the advice!
  5. lvng4themoment

    Any Words of Wisdom?

    I just graduated this past Sat with a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences. I don't have any Nursing experience, just experience in the veterinary world as a tech. I start an ABSN in a week... I have already taken anatomy and physiology 1/2, pathophysiology, nursing research, public health courses. I am starting to get info for my courses which start next week and I am absolutely terrified. I knew this would be hard but there is SOOOO MUCH TO DO. Do I print out every document and put it in a binder? Do I just keep everything in a google drive? How do I do it all... I just don't feel like I have enough time in the semester to do it all and I am only taking 12 credits this summer! Scared and overwhelmed...

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