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    Starting Fresh on New Unit

    Soon I will transferring to a new unit which will be my second nursing job and would have been a nurse for 1 year. I want to know what can I expect it to be like transferring to another floor? I've been at my current unit for 2 + years as a NA prior to being a RN. One thing I want to do different on this unit is have better working relationships with my coworkers. I felt that because its difficult for me to open up about my personal life with others and I'm a quiet person that my coworkers were distant and I saw how differently they treated me compared to others even when I helped them so much with their patients. Its crazy to me the more talkative and the more people share about their personal/private lives (even when its TMI), the more people gravitate, are friendlier and receive more help from others. At least that's my observation.
  2. Next month I am transferring to a different floor on a different campus. But I don't know how to tell my coworkers I'm leaving. The reason its hard for me to tell them is because I have had a rough year as a new grad nurse on this floor. Overall, I'm disappointed with most of my coworkers because when I went to the nurses I trusted that I was being bullied they didn't care and made it seem like it was my fault it happened to me. Let me explain. I would get remarks like "you're not assertive enough," "that's not cool" and "I wonder if that would happen to (new grad coming soon who they know)." When the bullying occurred with other nurses watching, they didn't say or do anything and wouldn't approach me to see how I'm doing. I was too embarrassed for a long time to say or do anything because I felt personally attacked and felt it was my fault. It wasn't until I was fed up that I reached out to a nurse I trust (and have known for years) and who actually listened to me! That nurse understood me and encouraged me to speak up! That nurse told me to listen to my gut. My gut always told me that the way I was being treated wasn't right. My gut told me that those nurses I told first did not care and did not have my back. Long story short, I told my manager and I prayed something good would come out of it. And it did! The bullying stopped immediately. I still work with said bully but I don't put up with their intimidation tactics. From that point forward, I decided to focus on myself and patients. I didn't want to socialize with and spend time with those who disappointed me because it hurt that they didn't help me when I needed them the most. Them being seasoned nurses, they knew what was happening but decided to let me to continue to suffer. Now that I'm leaving, I don't want them asking me questions about my new endeavor. I don't want a going away party, hugs or well wishes from them because to me it feels fake and superficial. I'm not an extrovert or outgoing like most of them so for me, I don't want the attention. I wish I could just work my last shift and not tell but those who I still trust. However, I know since nursing is a small world and I probably will see some again, I feel like I need to leave on a good note and be professional. So I wonder, how should I tell my coworkers I'm leaving? *thank you for reading until the end, it has been a rough year*