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  1. jmcfee

    ASU BSN Fall/Summer 2019

    That's exactly what I've heard, too, @GBar. I read on one of these forums from a couple years ago that advancement notices went out in April due to administration changes, so I'm hoping that CONHI is able to stick to this year's mid-March deadline. ASU also does not have a Mayo Clinic cohort this year, so that may save the college some decision time. You have a great advancement score, and I'm confident you'll get into your first choice cohort!
  2. jmcfee

    UofA BSN Fall 2019

    I've been looking everywhere for a University of Arizona BSN thread and haven't been able to find one, so I'm making this! Any applicants for UofA's BSN or BSN-IH program for Fall 2019??
  3. jmcfee

    ASU BSN Fall/Summer 2019

    @calpoppy Congratulations to you too, you'll definitely get in with a 1.88! It looks like admissions have become slightly more competitive with each cycle, so I'm expecting the cutoff score to be in the low 1.80's this time. It just comes down to whether or not we get placed in our first choice cohort! :)

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