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  1. yourstrulynurse87

    Can a registered nurse work as a medical assistant

    Thank so much for all your inputs! I live in Texas, I have applied to both long term care and skilled nursing facilities as well. I am just wondering why it took so much time for them to contact potential candidates to fill in vacant positions. I am thinking that those kinds of facilities would have high turnovers due to the fact that they have lower pay than hospitals. I am considering contacting recruiters as well however somebody advised me that talking to recruiters are a waste of time as they usually do not work on your favor. I feel the same way when submitting my applications online. It is as if that after I completed the application and clicked the "Submit" button, it goes directly to a loophole.
  2. yourstrulynurse87

    Can a registered nurse work as a medical assistant

    Hello fellow nurses. Quick Background: I have been a registered nurse for 3 years in General Medicine and had a critical background experience in the PACU for a year. I had to take a career break to be a full-time caregiver of my ill-parent. After a year of being out of the workforce, I am now ready to refocus my career. I have been on a job search for 2 months now and I did not get any phone calls from anybody I applied for yet. BTW, I only applied for jobs that I know I am qualified (considering the minimum qualifications). I am now worried about my employment gap. I wanted to get a job ASAP that is in line with my healthcare background. I am now considering applying for a Medical Assistant or Phlebotomy job. One of the requirements in the MA job is to be RMA or MA certified. And as for the Phlebotomy job, holding a valid Phlebotomy certification is a must. Is it not almost if not all of the MA's and Phlebotomist job descriptions and responsibilities are more or less the same as the nurse? In fact, nurses have broader scope of practice than them. So, is there any possibility for me to be hired as a Medical Assistant or a Phlebotomist? Thanks in advance for your replies.