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  1. nursealiii

    Interview advice!!

    Hi! I have a job interview tomorrow and it is a panel interview for medsurg. I recently had an ICU interview and I thought it went very well because they kept complimenting and saying things like “very good”, “excellent”, “that is exactly what I wanted to hear” and they seemed impressed, however, it’s been three weeks and they still haven’t gotten back to me. i just wanted to see if there was any advice I can get to make my interview go smoothly tomorrow so I can get a job offer soon. thanks!
  2. nursealiii


    UPDATE: I PASSED MY NCLEX!!! Finished with 75 questions! Did the Pearson Vue trick and it worked! SO HAPPY
  3. nursealiii


    I have done all of the subjects together, timed. UWORLD gives you the option to go back unlike Kaplan but I don't use it. I take my UWORLD exams the way I took Kaplan.
  4. nursealiii


    thanks! i'm just way too nervous!! I have worked so hard and it is just going to kill me if I fail. Plus, I take it on a Friday so there is a chance I might not know my results until Monday which will probably kill me even more.
  5. nursealiii


    So I took the UWORLD self assessment Friday morning and got a 72% with a "very high probability" of passing. I have been staying within the range of 60-70 throughout my tests and I am in the 92nd percentile. I just wanted to know, for those of you who took the NCLEX and used UWORLD, or are about to take the NCLEX, if you know of anyone who got the very high probability of passing and actually did not pass? Also, would you describe the NCLEX harder or with similar questions as UWORLD? I heard some people say it is a lot more vague, which reminds me of Kaplan and that worries me. I did well in Kaplan but not nearly as good as I am doing in UWORLD. Taking my test the 25th and I am a ball of nerves!!
  6. nursealiii


    Hi everyone! I am scheduled to take my NCLEX next week friday January 25th. I am super nervous ! I have been waking up everyday at 6 in the morning to complete 75 questions of UWORLD and remediate and then before bed another 75 questions. My school made us buy the Kaplan QBANK so I have also done that. These are my following results for Kaplan: Diagnostic: 55.6% Overall average of the QBANKS: 60.5% Trainer 1: 59% Trainer 2: 61% Trainer 3: 59% Trainer 4: 57% Trainer 5: 66% Trainer 6: 64% Have not done trainer 7. Readiness: 67% On UWORLD I have done a total of 12 exams all 75 questions. I am in the 91 percentile but I am not sure how much I should believe that? I am thinking of not doing trainer 7 for kaplan and just focus on doing my UWORLD exams and continue going over all their rationales until my test date. I am planning on doing the self assessment for UWORLD this friday, exactly one week before my test. What do you guys think? Should I do trainer 7 for kaplan or just stick to UWORLD? For those who already took the NCLEX, would you say the questions were more like UWORLD or kaplan? and are my scores good enough? Should I trust UWORLD and my 91 percentile? Any feedback will help and be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!