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  1. To all my Australian RN who gained CGFNS Visa screen certificate! I called Ahprah and requested to fill out the related Form and send it along with my registration certificate to CGFNS. Ahprah stated they will not fill out any forms for international bodies. I am told that they have communicated this with CGFNS and their CEO acknowledged their request. I then emailed CGFNS to confirm this but they insisting the Form needs to be filled out by Ahprah!!!!! I've been kicked forward and backward between these two organizations. This is the 2nd time I am paying for Ahprah for this registeration and it dosent seem Im getting anywhere.... Any please tell me if you had the same issue and how did you solve it?? Your help is mych appreciated.
  2. Carlen

    O'grady peyton nursing agancy

    Hi guys, I'm from Sydney Australia. Ive just started an application with O'grady peyton nursing agancy. I am told the very next step is to sit for their pre-assessment test which consists if 50 question to be answered in 1 hr. Any one can tell me please about this test if they have gone through this agancy before?