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  1. IN nurse for now

    ? Positive urine screen

    Anyone have Affinity lists their test result as "positive" for a reason other than an actual positive? I tested 5 days ago, and did nothing differently than I have for the last year yet my results posted this afternoon say positive. The ONLY thing that was different was my sample amount. It definitely wasn't dilute, as I refrained from drinking for at least 2 hours before I tested and my sample appeared fairly concentrated. I was actually only able to fill the cup maybe halfway, so I asked the lab tech if that was enough or not. She indicated it was, and I thought surely she would know. However, now I'm wondering. And while my case manager does a pretty good job with communication, I haven't heard anything. I didn't see the result until 6 PM so of course I couldn't get a hold of anyone. If it was truly positive, wouldn't I have been contacted? Re-tested?? Anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance
  2. IN nurse for now

    Completing 12 month work requirement at beginning of RMA

    I too, will have a year in Nov, with 2 left to go. My contract also states that I have to work for 12 months, but doesn't stipulate when. And I have thought about staying at home once I get the 12 months under my belt as well. I haven't reached out to my case Mgr about it, because I'm just playing it by ear for now, but I've re-read that contract more times than I care to admit and nowhere does it define "which" 12 months I have to be working, so...
  3. IN nurse for now

    Herbal supplements

    Anyone take supplements like valerian root? Or hops flower? There are any number of stories about false positives on UDS, so I'm wondering if anyone can share their knowledge/experience?
  4. IN nurse for now

    Monitoring Advice?

    Hello all, Was hoping for some advice, especially if any of you have dealt with Indiana's new monitoring program (INPRP). I self-reported, and very much assumed I would get the minimal requirements (3 years of UDS, meetings, and all those quarterly reports, etc), based on the fact that I did self-report and that I did so early... meaning I had no previous issues, and had very short-term use history. Basically I was in a bad situation at work, and chose to handle it in the wrong way. So, as much as I hate some aspects of it, I accept that there are consequences. Having said all of that, I was shocked when I got the contract via email yesterday and stipulations included a year narcotic restriction (as opposed to 6 months), and, even worse, 5 years, instead of 3!? I even did a hair test (I assume to prove my use, or lack thereof, though they didn't come right out and say that). Unfortunately, INPRP is new this year, and replaced ISNAP, so I've no idea if this is their M.O., or what. The case manager whom I met with left me with the feeling that they truly try to help you, yet that has definitely NOT been my experience so far. She didn't even provide any explanation with the contract. So, my question is, has anyone else tried consulting an attorney at this point? I'm not sure that I have any recourse, but my only thought is to speak with a nurse attorney. Any thoughts regarding this, or advice in general regarding this whole crappy process, is much appreciated!

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