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  1. NRCME exam tips

    I am required to be certified to do DOT exams for my job. I am scheduled to take the NRCME exam soon. Hoping someone out there can provide some insight... -How challenging would you say the exam is? I know only a 70% or greater is required, but ...
  2. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    @RN4701 I personally haven't heard much news about APEA's review with Amelie one way or the other, but as you can see, some people seem to have benefited from the course! While I wouldn't recommend taking an extended break regarding studying as ...
  3. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    @M8cysmom CONGRATS- you did it! what an accomplishment. I hope you take some time to relax and unwind, and to finally revel in being done!!
  4. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    @Cait2012 I bought the 3rd edition from amazon (ISBN 978-0826134295) that included an app. The app is the digital version of the questions at back of book. Having the questions digital makes it so much easier to see them organized and your weaker are...
  5. NP interview experiences

    I am a new grad/newly licensed NP and have started going on interviews. I am experienced in interviewing in general, but am taken aback by my experiences when going on interviews for NP jobs. So far, I have had doctors demand MD references (despite p...
  6. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    @shocker212 I signed up to take them exactly 4 weeks after the Fitzgerald course as they recommended to take it 4-6weeks after their course is completed. However, between trying to juggle stressing about the state of the world, working, and other per...
  7. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    @Sam S that is definitely a bummer you did not pass the first time, but keep your head up! While it may help you to do the in-person Fitzgerald review, I would recommend utilizing a different resource in addition to Fitzgerald content. I say this as ...
  8. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    @Molly PhillipsI called and was told my transcript was sent mid-May, took over a week to arrive, and then another week and half to be processed. Despite logging on today and it showing they finally processed my final transcript.. no wallet card yet u...
  9. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    @IJEOMA12 I went to an NP program at one of the major Boston-area nursing schools. Off hand, I think it took me 16 months to complete the program @YG FNP numb is a great way to describe it! It definitely took me a few days to have it all sink in! @su...
  10. Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    I just passed the AANP FNP exam and like many nervous test-takers, I scoured this site and the internet for any info. I found this site the most helpful so I felt it was my duty to keep paying it forward. Here is my experience/thoughts/etc. I will br...
  11. AANP Exam

    @LNB84 Do they use generic and/or brand names for the drugs on the AANP exam?
  12. Drug Names on NP Boards

    I have seen/ read conflicting Information on what drug names are provided on the NP boards- specifically the AANP exam. Should we expect to see generic or brand names (or both)? Any and all advice on this would be great!
  13. Any program graduations delayed or cancelled due to COVID19?

    My school has announced all classes will be moved to online format. Clinicals are very much in the air as while the school says to keep getting hours if possible, many facilities are limiting the amount of non-essential personnel allowed on site (inc...
  14. Boston NP programs?!

    I would look into which of these programs finds preceptors for you (i.e., are CCNE accredited)
  15. Finding Preceptors

    thanks for the reply and insight @umbdude. I definitely did not know that ? I guess I will keep trying and hoping it comes together for me