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I am a new grad/newly licensed NP and have started going on interviews. I am experienced in interviewing in general, but am taken aback by my experiences when going on interviews for NP jobs. So far, I have had doctors demand MD references (despite presenting multiple adequate NP ones) due to it being important "to get a doctor's perspective." I have heard that NPs have essentially "no training especially in comparison to doctors given that we don't do residencies or fellowships, etc." Also, when I asked for more details on possibly expanding the offerings of different procedures in the practice, the doctor did not answer the question but instead decided to explain what each procedure they offered was in detail (side note: I am familiar with all of the currently offered procedures, hence me asking about expanding offerings).

I did research beforehand on the different the positions/facilities and thought about typical interview questions and how I would answer them and have been left feeling upset after each interview.

I am guessing I need to adjust my expectations to some extent- I don't expect every doctor to love every NP, but is this really how it is? Will I just be belittled and talked down to whenever I am hired by doctors?

This is partially me venting and partially looking for advice, or hearing other's experiences when interviewing for their first NP positions. I am feeling discouraged for sure on top of this already being a challenging time to get a job considering the hiring freezes due to COVID. Any insight would be appreciated...


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I've done a lot of interviewing and never had the experience you described. On the contrary, every doctor that has interviewed me has been very nice and happy to explain everything in great detail. If you are treated poorly during an interview, take it as a big red flag - not a place where you want to work.

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^ Ditto. I interviewed with MDs and NPs alike and didn't experience any belittling or feeling of being talked down to by MDs. Definitely take it as a sign that the culture of that particular organization is NOT NP friendly and move on. My MD colleagues are aware that there are strengths/weaknesses each of us carry from our different education but have treated me as a valued team member with my own training, judgement, and insights into care. We all consult with one another freely.

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I had a negative interviewing experience with a medical director (it was my first interview). Without going into details, it involved questioning NP training/hours/preparedness etc. even though he knew full well. The company gave me an offer but I rejected it. All the other interviews were fine.



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I am sorry that you experienced that.  I have my first NP interview on 9/9.  Thankfully, it is with a cardiologist that I know and the Medical Director of his group (which I had also worked with in the past) called me the day after I passed boards to congratulate me.  I felt that said something BIG about how the NPs are treated in their practice.  

I hope you have some better experiences.  What state do you live in?




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Ditto! I've never had that type of experience. Sorry to hear you went through that. I agree with everyone else, if that is the level of respect you received during an interview, that is a big RED FLAG!