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MICU_2015_FNP has 13 years experience as a MSN, APRN.

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  1. Nurse Practitioner Job

    Sorry to hear that! ? Maybe looking into remote work? like telehealth may be an option if you can't move out of state or move to another area in Ohio.
  2. NP: Age limit?

    Wow. That is a great field. I'm in primary care. We have no money... ? LOL Thanks for sharing!
  3. NP: Age limit?

    Do you mind sharing where you work? or what job offers you received?? I haven't seen NP job offers above $112k!
  4. Credentialing Reference Requirements

    I had to have four peer references. Didn't matter if they were MD or ARNP but they had to be equivalent to this. I also need 4 references every 2 years to renew my credentialing at my facility. If you're having a tough time finding refere...
  5. Resigning from first NP job...

    I agree with everyone else. Check the terms of your contract. Speak with management and don't burn any bridges. I've asked my previous employers multiple times for references. My job required 3 months notices for resignation (that was sig...
  6. NP interview experiences

    Ditto! I've never had that type of experience. Sorry to hear you went through that. I agree with everyone else, if that is the level of respect you received during an interview, that is a big RED FLAG!
  7. Inactivating or expiring multiple State Licenses

    @NurseBlaq Sounds about right, will do. Thanks for your advice!
  8. Inactivating or expiring multiple State Licenses

    Hello! I have been practicing in the same state for almost 3 years now but I've been maintaining my Illinois state licenses (both RN and ARNP). I'm wondering if I should inactivate this or let it expire given I have no immediate plans of returning. P...
  9. California to Washington RN License

    Hi Tiana, I transferred from another state and received my license within a month. I hope you get your endorsement soon! Good luck!
  10. New grad needs advice on picking a job

    You should also consider relocation costs and licensing fees.
  11. Malpractice Ins and Work situation

    I know there are discussions regarding this topic, however, I still wanted to reach out for some advice. I am a fairly new NP and have had two employers in my career. I am considering a third position due to relocation. Malpractice coverage has been ...
  12. New Grad Stress and Anxiety

    I ditto the above comment. You've made it this far through nursing school and landed yourself a job which you can get great work experience. EVERYONE struggles in the beginning and if they say they haven't they're lying! I felt insecure as a new grad...
  13. I give up.. Failed Aanp three times

    I think you meant to write AANP for one of your comments so just wanted to clarify... Did you think the AANP required you to assimilate information more than the ANCC or the other way around?? And I agree with your advice. Its better to stick with ju...
  14. Passed ANCC FNP exam today

    Its so interesting to read about the different reviews. I took the AANP and I found the Barkley's review to be more helpful for the AANP exam. I also did listen to Fitzgerald and her style of questions were different than what I found on the boards.
  15. Locum positions for new grads

    I'll be looking into jobs soon. Would you mind if I contact you in the near future as well??