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    Nursing school out of California

    Hi, I have some questions regarding how nursing accreditation and nursing licensure from state state to state works. I am a pre-nursing student in California and I am stuck waiting right now to get into nursing school as it is fairly competitive here. I am now considering going out of state for nursing school, but would like to know if it were possible to study in another state and come back to practice California? How would that work? what are the steps? and what accreditation/requirements does California have? I am specifically looking at the Minnesota state community and technical college nursing program that is accredited by the NLN CNEA (National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation), and I have no idea how accreditation works. I basically want to know if its possible to study outside of California and what would the process be to go back to California and get my licensure and practice. Also, would it be possible to work in Minnesota for a few years, get some experience, and move back to California to practice? What steps would I need to take to get my license in California because I know nursing licenses in different states are not the same (unless it falls under nursing licensure compact and I know California isn't an NLC state or Minnesota). Thanks, Ashley
  2. Hello Everyone I am looking for a pre-licensure BSN program that is not super challenging to get into. I live in California and as many of you its super competitive to get into any of the programs in my area. My gpa isn't that great at around a 3.4 and I need to remediate my teas score which is below and 80. I know my chances are super low to get into a school in my area so I am considering out of state schools and was wondering if anyone knows some good programs that would be worth my while to apply to. I would consider going to a private school out of my state if I can finish it within 2-3 years with transferred credits and get accepted ASAP. I have finished the general basic science classes and general ed. I am going to apply to local community colleges in my area just to have that possibility, but average wait time to get in is like 3+ years, its not likely for me to get in and its only associates. I really just want my BSN already. I have also applied to this private college in Wisconsin MSOE and I got accepted into their nursing program. It is quite expensive, but I do get some merit scholarships and I am waiting to see how many years it would take with credits transferred over... Do you guy thinks it would be worth it to go? I am tired of waiting and plan to start a BSN program as soon as Fall 2020 so I need to explore options ASAP. Any advice or school recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ashley

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