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Nursing school out of California

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I have some questions regarding how nursing accreditation and nursing licensure from state state to state works. I am a pre-nursing student in California and I am stuck waiting right now to get into nursing school as it is fairly competitive here. I am now considering going out of state for nursing school, but would like to know if it were possible to study in another state and come back to practice California? How would that work? what are the steps?  and what accreditation/requirements does California have? I am specifically looking at the Minnesota state community and technical college nursing program that is accredited by the NLN CNEA (National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation), and I have no idea how accreditation works. I basically want to know if its possible to study outside of California and what would the process be to go back to California and get my licensure and practice. Also, would it be possible to work in Minnesota for a few years, get some experience, and move back to California to practice? What steps would I need to take to get my license in California because I know nursing licenses in different states are not the same (unless it falls under nursing licensure compact and I know California isn't an NLC state or Minnesota).



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Hi @Agoose98/Ashley. I hear your concern and it is valid.

I live in California, and completed my BSN out of state and then came back. I also know other nurses who did this as well. So yes, it is very much possible to go to school out of state and come back to California. Make sure the school you go to is nationally accredited before attending, i.e., that its curriculum will satisfy California requirements.

When it comes time to take the NCLEX, you can choose which state you would like to sit for. I know California residents who chose both options: To apply directly for a California license or to apply for the state of their school. The latter chose to stay and work for a minimum of one year to get the experience. As you know, California is highly competitive so having that one year of experience can make a big difference upon returning.

I cannot speak to what you have to do to endorse to California because I applied for a California license right out of RN school but you can find that information out on the California BRN.

I hope this helps.





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