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  1. megmeg

    Is This the end for my Nursing Path?

    @Mergirlc I finally figured out how to reply back! Actually, that gives me encouragement because that's exactly what I'm doing right now. So far the LVN programs are what I'm going for since I qualify for it more than the ADN programs. There are several ADNs that didn't have a set GPA for the pre-req sciences so that gives me hope. With all 3 C+ I end up with a 2.3 GPA And after your first post, I found a list of colleges out of state that I'm going to look into more! Thank you!
  2. megmeg

    Is This the end for my Nursing Path?

    Unfortunately, with the CC I go to I've already used up my re-take for a course. Thank you for your honest reply, I appreciate it!
  3. Hi there! This is my first post. Long story short, I have three Cs for my pre-req sciences (Micro, Anatomy, and Physio) and frustratingly there always 1-2% away from a B. My overall GPA (including sciences) is 2.8. I still haven't taken the TEAS yet. Anyways, I wonder if there is still hope for me to get into a nursing program in California? I'm considering ADNs and LVN programs as well.

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