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  1. klance

    CNA in ICU

    I just recently started working as a cna in the icu while I’m in nursing school. I’m the first cna in this icu because it’s just always been nurses. I kinda feel like my job is irrelevant. Advice on how to make things better?
  2. klance

    Working: Which job would be best suitable?

    Thank you for this insight!!
  3. I'm a second semester first year student. Just recently I started a job (2 weeks ago) at a hospital working as a CNA in ICU. I have committed my Friday and Saturday nights to this job working 6:30pm to 6:30am. However, a representative from another hospital spoke with my class this morning about a new position they have for CNAs that allows you to make your own schedule to accomadate your own hours. For instance, if I can work 2pm to 9pm on Tuesday then that would be my shift. They are open to all hours and shifts to accomidate my schedule. This is great because we all know how demanding nursing school is! I just wish I would have known about it a month ago before taking this new job. But here is the catch, my job now is in the ICU which is where I want to be when I graduate. The other position is a float pool position and it is not certain where I would be from one day to the next. Should I keep the one I have now or should I go with the one that is going to be best for my schedule?