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  1. taurnxkd

    Online A&P 1

    I found an 8wk program through Edukan, which will show up on my transcript as a community college in Kansas. It's gonna be around $600 which I feel is pretty decent as it's only about $120 more than taking it through my campus. I'm going to check to make sure it will transfer, but I will also look into TMCC, thanks!!
  2. taurnxkd

    Online A&P 1

    Does anyone know any CHEAP and accredited A&P courses available online?
  3. taurnxkd

    Microbiology Online?

    Does anyone know any good programs that offer Micro online? That are also usually transferable? If I can take it online I can apply to the nursing program at my school a semester earlier. I've looked into CCCOnline but it would cost me around 2k, which is more than my tuition for 12cr at my school so it's just not do able. I'm Las Vegas based. Thanks!!!
  4. taurnxkd

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Hey, how did you take micro online? I go to CSN as well and want to finish prereqs sooner rather than later. Thanks!

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