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Does anyone else feel that CSN's prereqs aren't set up correctly?

Prereqs are

BIOL 189 Fundamentals of Life Science

BIOL 223 Anatomy & Physiology I

ENG 101 Composition I

MATH 120

PSY 101 General Psychology

and then gen ed requirements include

BIOL 224 Anatomy & Physiology II

BIOL 251 Microbiology

COM 101

SOC 101

U.S. & Nevada Constitution

Most schools require you take A&P before a biology aimed towards bio for health majors. They also set up that you should take TEAS before even taking A&P??

Makes no sense to me. Based on their point system you can't even get into their nursing program with just prereqs. Taking all of their gen ed & prereqs would take me about 2 years based on the classes I've currently taken. Looking at other schools, their prereqs usually include something similar to ENG, BIO 223, BIO 189, PSY 101, and a math. I've haven't seen any other schools with gen ed requirements - especially not biology courses. From what I've seen, schools don't have you take A&P II or Microbiology until you've actually made it into a nursing program. Just doesn't add up to me - anyone else feel this way or am I looking to far into it?

Hi, also a csn student. The idea behind the pre reqs are these are the classes required to get in. You should have the biol 189 since thats the gateway to other biol. Also at least have a/p 1 finished before entering the program since that gives you a little bit of the foundation. Math, eng, psy are good classes since they really tie into the basics.

General ed classes are the classes that are ok to take once accepted (deadlines with those once accepted) ... the reality is, without those classes your points won't be very high. Competition is getting fierce and I personally wouldn't try without them.

I couldn't imagine doing this program AND taking general education classes. I guess you could apply for a certain semester and if you have a empty semester in between program starting, you can finish the general educations requirements. So if you don't get in, next time you will be ready with extra points.

When I applied I had to take the Kaplan, It was very heavy on a/p2 on the science portion. Im not sure how the teas is.

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