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  1. I'm applying for nursing jobs and barely being called even though I meet all their stated qualifications, and then some. I'm a PCU RN with a good work history at a major healthcare organization, have a BSN, I have a national certification in my field. I was a preceptor, committee member, etc. My resume is great with no grammatical issues. I quit my last job to explore other opportunities and I was a great employee who left in good standing. I'm at a loss as to what I can do differently. I've also noticed that a lot of my apps are "pending hiring team review" yet nothing ever happens with them. One concern is that I left my last job in December and haven't worked since. I took some time off to travel and help out some family members with various things. I'm sure the gap on my resume may be concerning for some but plenty of people take time off for a variety of reasons right? Any insight/suggestions/ideas as to what I can do differently when applying for these positions?
  2. What you are feeling is normal. The 'new grad' phase lasts a full year. You are going to be scared and unsure until then :) Take a deep breath and be happy for yourself that you landed such a great job to start with. This type of job is exactly how you should start your RN career. It will teach you so much...you are learning all your skills, time management, patient interaction. Every minute at this job is creating an important foundation for you to be able to move on to your next step when the time comes. AND one more thing...make sure you take care of yourself on your days off. Take care of your health and get enough rest. Do things you enjoy and make you happy so you can decompress from all the stress that comes with being a new RN. You're going to be fine!!
  3. joansmith1

    Advice please

    I'm in a similar situation so I get it. First, don't fear ACLS. It's good to know this info and have it. The classes are usually supportive learning environments. Second, reach out to your floor educator. They are are great resource for helping you get what you need. Lastly, identify the nurses on your floor that are approachable and wiling to help/teach. Every floor has nurses that are excellent IV starters...approach them and ask if you can watch and learn next time they have a start.
  4. joansmith1

    I don't feel like a real nurse

    Been an RN for 7 years. Still working the same job I started as a new grad (MS/PCU). During that time I've watched everyone I went to school with change jobs at least once, get their Masters, etc. I've watched MANY, MANY new grad RN's start on my floor only to move on to bigger and better as soon as they could. Meanwhile I've done nothing and I almost feel embarrassed by this. I feel like I'm not learning and growing and advancing in my profession. I watch other nurses, even newer ones, and they all seem to go around with such confidence. I feel they all know so much more than me. At this point I feel like I've forgot more than I know and my skills are somehow diminishing. I want to get a new job but I'm too intimidated to even apply. I feel I'm qualified for nothing and not good enough. I feel like my skills and knowledge aren't where they should be. I feel I'm successful at my current job because I've been there so long but wouldn't be successful elsewhere...like I'm almost 'faking it'. Need some serious feedback/advice.
  5. joansmith1

    My nursing error; shame and struggling

    I recently made my first real nursing error/mistake of my career. There was no harm to the patient (thankfully) and they were never in any jeopardy (again, thankfully). I was able to quickly identify the factors that led to my making this mistake. I have learned a valuable lesson and know I will be a better nurse because of it. What I am struggling with is the shame of making such an error and how I handled it. I didn't handle it with the integrity that I thought I had. I'm sure the shock and fear of what happened impacted my judgement on how I handled it but that is no excuse. I'm sure I will eventually forgive myself for the error since I know what caused it and I've learned from it. But I'm not sure how I can forgive myself for how I handled it. I walk around work feeling like everyone knows what happened. I don't even want to show my face. I don't know how this will impact me at work. I'm truly mortified over the whole thing. I'm curious if anyone has had a similar experience and how you handled it.