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  1. Has anyone been sent to float to your med-surg floors due to the current COVID crisis? Our OR has cancelled most elective surgeries, and as a result a lot of us are being sent to other units to assist them. Initially we were taking vitals and answering phones (ie tech/CNA duties). Now they are telling us to buddy up with a nurse to essentially get a crash-course orientation to floor nursing in case they fall ill or have to self-quarantine. As a new grad who went straight to the OR, this is terrifying. Is this happening in a lot of your ORs as well?
  2. Monalisa9

    NRSNG Academy vs Simple Nursing?

    Hey all, For those that have used either (or both) of these sites in their NCLEX preparation, do you feel like it was worth it? I am definitely signing up for one of them, just trying to decide between the two. I have a little more than a month before my exam and want the best content review in video form. Any guidance would be appreciated!