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  1. Moonkitten

    How to Be Successful in Anatomy and Physiology 1

    Chase that A! Your reasoning for why people shouldn’t work for their A grade does not make sense. And it doesn’t make sense to say if your goal is to earn an A then you won’t be able to focus on content to build a strong foundation. The A grade is proof that you focused on the content and were able to build a strong foundation. Always do your best, especially in nursing. An A always trumps a B or C. A lower grade is a clear indicator that you do not have as much of a strong understanding/working knowledge of anatomy as someone with an A.
  2. Moonkitten

    HESI Please help give me pointers! 😊

    Hey are either of you applying to wcccd for fall 2021?
  3. So the ADN program I applied to only has State accreditation not National...I was told that they are working to obtain National accreditation. Is that a bad thing and will I regret staying here?
  4. I'm currently taking English1, Biology, Psychology1, and Political Science. It's been pretty good so far now Im planning for the spring semester, are these classes ok together? I don't have any kids or a full time job so I should be able to keep up right? English 2 A&P 1 Chem 105/General Chemistry Psychology 2
  5. Moonkitten

    A nurse with a difficult name??

    I'm a PreNursing student and my name is very...unique and hard to pronounce. Ever since I learned my name as a child I wanted to change it. I remember getting tired of correcting people so I just let them pronounce it any kind of way, it wasn't their fault my name didn't make any sense. I've been worrying about patients or employers not being able to pronounce it or thinking that it's stupid. Introducing myself to people is really annoying because sometimes even I stutter on my own name (which is SO embarrassing) and people never remember it. I was thinking of changing my name to a shorter or similar version of it, something that people can understand and pronounce, it will be easier for me and everyone that I meet. But the name change process seems like it would take so long. Are there any nurses with unique names? Should I change my name to something simpler? What do you all think?
  6. I don't have any nursing homes in my area but a hospital that is walking distance of my school is hiring "Nurse Assistant Oncology Part time 36 hrs a week-Midnights" It says high school diploma required (I graduate high school next week) with or without experience in the Nurse Assistant position. Sounds easy enough. How can I make sure I get this job? Should I wear scrubs to the job interview? What is it like working midnight shifts? Am I allowed to switch shifts later on because I start my prenursing classes in August?