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sh3rylanne has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Telehealth certification

    Advise on how to get certified in telehealth?
  2. Specialized DNP or general?

    Currently about to earn my MSN in eduction and looking forward to earning my DNP. Is choosing a DNP focused in educational leadership or in education worth it versus a general DNP in nursing practice? the pros or cons of either?
  3. Just wondering if any Kaiser employees applied for any of the Kaiser training offered this Spring? if so has anyone heard back after turning in the application?
  4. Labor and delivery or Operating RN

    How not what is the best way to determine which to choose?!? what made you choose one or the other???
  5. Kaiser CM utilization nurse

    Hello! anyone work with Kaiser as a CM your nurse? any insight on what you guys do? Do you like it? thank you!
  6. Has anyone got to CSUSB for their MSN? For me it’s the most affordable but does “cheaper” mean education is not well looked upon? is there a real difference when it comes to where MSN was done? Online? State level? University?
  7. SO to CONFIRM... im currently active status in CA... I should get my fingerprints done FIRST then apply for renewal and check off "YES" as compliant and then upload my livescan form... correct?
  8. would love those med surge questions if you are still offering help!



  9. Med-Surg Certification

    would love your help as well! thanks and CONGRATS!
  10. Med-Surg Certification

    how did you choose between cmsrn and the aanc? thinking about getting certified as well
  11. effective Triage questions

    HI. I am new to Ambulatory Care. Came from almost 10 years inpatient tele/stroke floor. As an RN in my dept, I triage patients that are red flagged, usually chest pain, abdominal pain, and SOB. We bring them in, "interview" them and pass on any info ...
  12. hi everyone. I would love to enter the field of Ob/gyn... L&D... but do not want to be a nurse Practitioner... what other choices is there when it comes to advanced degree/certification in this field? thanks!
  13. White Memorial NICU transitional program

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone is familiar with White memorial's NICU program in Los Angeles. I'm a tele nurse with no NICU experience What kind of interview questions should I expect if I don't have any experience in NICU? there is also a "test" and w...