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I earned my MSN in education online. 
Advice on how to practice or get my foot in the door as educator if I've been in telemetry and clinic the past 15 years?


my online program didn't involve shadowing any teachers. 
advise please. Thank you!

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First of all, congratulations on your achievement. It takes work and dedication to obtain higher education.

I don't know all areas or situations, but I believe that securing a teaching position is possible, even without experience. I was in your position nearly six years ago, but I was courting a position at my alma mater and was pretty sure I would be employed when I graduated.  In my region, there is a lack of nurses who have an interest in education.  At my educational institution, we have had two open positions for some time.  One position was filled last November by a person who had not started their master's education yet, and the other is still unfilled.  

My institution has 2 locations, and the other campus has two open positions, with a third opening very soon.  I was part of the interview panel last week, and we had one applicant.  This applicant has just started their master's program and was an adjunct in our program for a couple of years.  He will be offered the position.  The applicant was well-spoken, open to direction, and committed.

So, what I am trying to explain is to be energetic, think about the interview before you are in it, and apply to as many open positions as you can.  If you cannot find a full-time position, immediately try being an adjunct for a few semesters to learn student instruction and direction.  Be open to direction from those who have been before you, and watch for toxic situations.  I know of two other educational instruction facilities where the old guard is mean, unhelpful, and does not want to foster effective students or new nursing instructors.  We have all seen this in hospitals; it also happens in the educational arena.

I say, good luck and I am glad you have chosen to help new students become safe and effective nurses.  The world needs more people like us.

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