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  1. luvspnk31

    CNM program requirements

    Couple questions: are there programs that will take you without L & D experience? I have been doing med/Surg and am currently doing RN-BSN. I don't really want to do l &d in a hospital and am currently applying at several FSBC's. Just wondered if there are programs that would be OK with this?
  2. luvspnk31

    Ivy Tech Northeast TEAS

    I am an LPN transition student so the deadline for us is a bit different. Feb 1st to start the summer semester. Thanks for answering. I know that it depends on the scores of the applicants, but just wanted an idea. The ATI website puts me in the 89th nationally and for the program so I hope it's right. I still plan to take it again in January. I'd really like to score higher in the science and overall.
  3. luvspnk31

    Ivy Tech Northeast TEAS

    I currently am a pre- nursing student for the ASN program, just took TEAS on monday, overall score of 80.7, 93% math, but only a 68% on the science. I still have time to retake before the Feb 1 deadline, but I've been trying to find out what a "competitive" score would be for my region? My advisor , who I generally love, was no help on this subject, either because she doesn't know, or is afraid of giving me false hope, lol. Help???