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I currently am a pre- nursing student for the ASN program, just took TEAS on monday, overall score of 80.7, 93% math, but only a 68% on the science. I still have time to retake before the Feb 1 deadline, but I've been trying to find out what a "competitive" score would be for my region? My advisor , who I generally love, was no help on this subject, either because she doesn't know, or is afraid of giving me false hope, lol. Help???


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I am going to be applying to the Lawrence campus for ASN, from what I have seen in other discussions an 80% is an okay score. I don't know what the February deadline you are referring to is, but Ivytech goes by overall points for teas score and prerequisite grades. Competitiveness of scores changes with each application period, depending on what the scores of other students that apply are.


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I am an LPN transition student so the deadline for us is a bit different. Feb 1st to start the summer semester. Thanks for answering. I know that it depends on the scores of the applicants, but just wanted an idea. The ATI website puts me in the 89th nationally and for the program so I hope it's right. I still plan to take it again in January. I'd really like to score higher in the science and overall.