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Full-time nursing student, mom, and at home caregiver. 

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    Was I wrong? Advise please.

    Thank you for letting me know. I will try to be better about the things I say. Or how I ask. I will take it as a lesson learned.
  2. MAKMom

    Was I wrong? Advise please.

    I am a caregiver for a home health agency. I have a client that is new to me, they are in an assisted living community. I am from an outside agency hired by the family. Today, Saturday, I came in for my shift and noticed they still wearing the same pj's that they had on Thursday. I asked them word for word " X, How often do you like to change your outfit?", to which they responded "As, often as I would like to, Why?". I said I was just making sure that they are being taken care of, because I had noticed the same pj's were on that they had on Thursday. Thay were insulted by this and now don't like me. I told them I could get the office to send a different caregiver, but they said not to and that would make things worse. They are laying in the bed room now and seems truly upset with me. I just wanted to make sure they were ok. Did I do something wrong here? *Sorry for the they/them it didn't feel right to use he or she.