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tshigeru has 3 years experience as a CNA.

Aloha, my name is Terrell Nishimori. I am a current nursing student at CNU and a proud army officer. 


Please feel free free to reach out to me if you have any questions with nursing/military. 

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  1. tshigeru


    How was the ATI one? We have to pass either the ATI final or HESI final to graduate.
  2. Were you able to take all your courses online? I am currently on the on-campus BSN program.
  3. tshigeru

    Portage patho

    Has anyone taken NURS231 through portage learning? I’m very curious about it and I know they work pretty good with students. any advice and tips would be very appreciated.
  4. tshigeru

    Active Duty LPN to RN (Online please)

    Message me I may be able to help you. Are you still on AD? I’m a reservist so I understand your situation.
  5. tshigeru

    Portage Learning

    How was the pathophysiology course? I’m debating on taking it. I wanted to start this may . Would I be able to finish by august? How were the exams and assignments?
  6. tshigeru


    I was planning to take patho online with them, has anyone took this course?
  7. I'm in the BSN program right now. I'm thinking about doing the online program after I graduate and start working. How are you guys doing in the program?
  8. tshigeru

    Carson Newman Spring 2020

    Hey! I am in the first semester right now and it is great. Very challenging but doable. We have classes like basically every day (weekends off). Due to the COVID-19 clinical's and all classes are all online but you guys hopefully will get to do clini...
  9. Have him get with his professors ASAP. Print the syllabus out and literally recite that thing. Ensure he knows what is expected from the class and what he expected to know for the classes he is missing. Also, if he has a good cohort he can ask a fri...
  10. tshigeru

    Health Assessment Help

    I forgot to also mention that I use picnomic and simple nursing to help retain and understand the information. It really breaks it down to simple terms.
  11. tshigeru

    Health Assessment Help

    I am in the same position as you. My health assessment instructor is great and at least kind of covers what to read and know. For sure know the nursing process, patient safety and etc. I'm sure that are some of the basics you guys went over.
  12. tshigeru

    Nursing School Study Tips

    Does anyone have any suggestions for dosage calculations and fundamentals? We have an ATI and need to pass with a 90% for my fundamentals class and a 85% or higher for dosage calculations. If you guys have any resources or tips it would be greatly a...
  13. tshigeru

    Norwich University BSN Program/ Vermont RN jobs

    Hey! that's awesome. where did you get your bsn degree at? How did you like Norwich University? I'll be attending in spring.
  14. Good Morning Nurses, Has anyone completed the nursing program at NU or currently in the program? I got accepted and wanted to know more about it. I'm super excited. Also what are the job outlooks in Vermont and starting pay for a new grad nurse?
  15. tshigeru

    Know anything about Norwich's Nursing Program?

    I am actually going to be starting at Norwich soon! Did you end up doing the program?