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  1. tshigeru

    Should I retake the TEAS?

    what did you use to study for the TEAS? the programs I'm looking into require a 70% or higher overall, so i would be happy with that. But hey, if you know you can do better then I say go for it!
  2. tshigeru

    TEAS and HESI study tips

    Has anybody took the TEAS or HESI? both? Any advice and input is really appreciated! I have to take both because some programs I am looking into require either the HESI or TEAS. For those who took the HESI, what did you use to study? Is scoring a 75% in each section difficult?
  3. tshigeru

    Baylor university BSN

    Is anyone else looking into applying to baylor univeristy BSN program? Does anyone have input about the program its self?
  4. tshigeru

    A&P II and Microbiology

    Well I'm taking A&P 1 and micro and seem to be managing, along with a very full time schedule. It just really all depends on the person them self. Don't get me wrong it's crazy! but if you are determined and have motivation, then I believe it is possible. Just try not to take any other hard classes along with those 2.
  5. tshigeru

    Carson NewmanUniversity Nursing BSN

    Do you have a point of contact? if I have any further questions? I love your guys input!
  6. tshigeru

    Carson NewmanUniversity Nursing BSN

    Does carson newman have a nursing page on facebook or instagram?
  7. tshigeru

    Kauai (Wilcox Memorial) pay question

    I can be wrong, from nurses I know that work there currently average around $50-55 an hour. It may VARY years of experience and maybe what department you work.
  8. tshigeru

    ROTC and Nursing School (Very Important!)

    hey! I am also in ROTC as well and let me tell you is to SO worth it. You have to decide what you want to do in your future. Please do yourself a favr and stay in ROTC. Direct comissoning now in the army for nurses are getting limited by space availability (they require you have a MSN now from what I'm hearing. Either apply for another nursing program that has an ROTC there. You can always branch HR, Armor, Military intelligence and etc and then request to switch branches. It's not that hard I heard other officers who were engineers first, then switched to become nurse corp officers so it is possible. I am the in the ECP ROTC (Early Commissioning Program) so we basically are doing the upper ROTC classes but while getting only our associates degree, upon completion and commissioning, we have 3 years max to finish and get our bachelors (in my case I have to start looking for nursing bsn programs). really hope this helps! Keep in contact with your army rotc recruiter and keep studying hard. Taking summer classes also help to boost your GPA, since you can focus on only one class at a time.
  9. tshigeru

    Army nurse

    Does anybody have any army nursing experience (active duty/reserves)? How is it? I'm in the NG (National Guard) and will be commissioning in a year into the reserve component. Wanted to know a little more about people's experinces as a nurse corps officer.
  10. tshigeru

    Liberty University

    Has anybody done liberty university residential BSN program? I'm thinking of applying for the spring accelerated within a year and wanted some input. How's the campus and school of nursing? Is faculty very helpful? Does liberty help prepare you for the NCLEX? Also, is the clinical sights near from the campus? Any input would be gladly appreciated!
  11. tshigeru

    Liberty University BSN

    Hi guys! I wanted to know if anyone has completed or is a current nursing student at liberty university for their BSN program? How is the campus life and the faculty? I am thinking about applying for the spring accelerated as time goes by. Did anybody do the spring accelerated program and how was it? I have heard they have a very great NCLEX pass rate which I thought was great. Thanks and I hope to hear back from you guys!
  12. tshigeru

    Hawaii Pacific University

    Yes,same here I am not hearing much good reviews about it. I've heard ups and downs and just want to make sure it's the right investment. I still have a little more time till I apply.
  13. Do we have any HPU nurses? I need some input on the BSN program and if its a good program. Do they prep the students for NCLEX? and how are the faculty and professors?
  14. tshigeru

    Army Reserve Nursing

    Anybody a army reserve nurse? How do you like it? I'm an ROTC cadet debating on going into reserves or AD when the time comes. I know they both have very great benefits but just not too sure which component will suit me best. I'm also prior service as well, I was in the national guard and now I'm contracted in ROTC while finishing up my pre-nursing. Any advice or tips?
  15. tshigeru

    Carson NewmanUniversity Nursing BSN

    Thank you thank you! Appreciate all this wonderful feedback. I like that it's also faith based as well and it just seems like a great environment. I do watch the videos on youtube and it looks a beautiful school. I haven't found much nursing videos unfortunately but I will also try to come and tour the campus. Any advice for upcoming nursing students?