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I just got notified that I got into the traditional BSN program for Carson Newman! Has anybody else got accepted into Carson Newmans Nursing program?

For current or previous nursing students, what is your input for the program? What Can I prepare for? Any tips or advice?

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I have been accepted to start in august 2020. How do you like the program so far? I would appreciate any input at all!

Hey! I am in the first semester right now and it is great. Very challenging but doable. We have classes like basically every day (weekends off). Due to the COVID-19 clinical's and all classes are all online but you guys hopefully will get to do clinical's at Jefferson Park Nursing Home in Dandridge. We only did one rotation but it was such a great experience. Brush up on math skills, you will need to pass a medical dosage exam (it's not hard but if math is not your cup of tea like me then start prepping ahead of time). Instructors here are really the best, they care for you and are your biggest cheerleaders. They want to HELP. Do yourself a favor and start watching videos on how to test take in nursing school. IT IS DIFFERENT MONSTER coming from doing pre-reqs. Not to scare you, it's just a new transition. Simple nursing, Level up RN, Registered are excellent resources I use. Get black non-porous shoes ahead of time to break them in and compression socks, you will be on your feet for long periods of times during clinical. Get a penlight you will need that for health assessment (amazon have the best bargains). SAVE your MONEY nursing books are expensive and yes you will need some of the books but NOT all. Msg me and I can give you more info on that.

Make a good group of friends that can help you all to be accountable for things. It's fast paced so ensure you get a good planner to plan all the exams and assignments. School is nice small campus, Jefferson city is a nice small old town. Not much to do but since your in nursing you'll always be studying LOL. but Knoxville is about 40 mins away, and morristown is maybe like 20 mins away if you want to explore and eat good place. Last of all, stay motivated. Ensure you get enough rest, time for self and family and eating well. Trust me easier said than done. But I notice a lot people (including myself) struggled at times from not following those basics. Ensure you set aside time to study everyday but that is why I say take care of yourself first because trying to study when you feel like junk, will not help.

I hope this helps and again msg me if anything! I look forward to meeting you on campus in fall!

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