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Residentmaid has 24 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Med Surg, Nursing Education.

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  1. Residentmaid


    I have accepted a job starting in early February. Does the pact RN do mostly phone calls> room patients? what exactly do they do. I am coming from the hospital, fast paced covid floors. will I find the work boring?
  2. Residentmaid

    VA hiring process 2020

    Thank you! And enjoy!
  3. Residentmaid

    Will I lose this offer at the VA?

    Hello! I was just informed that I recieved a tentative offer at a job with the VA, pending background checks and physical. The same well I found out I have to have a microdiscectomy! What do I do? I will be recovered before I start the new job because it takes months to start with the VA. I’m scared that when I go to the physical I will be refused the job. My surgery is in 2 weeks. I won’t start working until February. Help!
  4. Are you still happy with this program? I am considering attending in August. Thank you!
  5. Residentmaid

    Carson Newman Spring 2020

    I have been accepted to start in august 2020. How do you like the program so far? I would appreciate any input at all!
  6. Residentmaid

    Teaching in a Technical/Vocational High School

    I currently teach at a local tech school. I have been there 2 years. I started out teaching CNA which we dropped, now I am teaching pt care technician. I really enjoy the job, love MOST of the students. The job is very demanding, I have 30 kids in my class for 5 hours a day, and must keep them "entertained" during that time. It is not like the nursing school WE know. These kids are here because they have to be, and the when they are not interested in a task it can be very difficult to keep them on task. It is a bit like herding cats, however I do like it. I am currently looking to teach on the college level, as I feel myself losing my clinical skills. Interview Friday!
  7. Residentmaid

    How do I get started?

    I am interested in finding a job in school nursing. Where do I begin? I looked briefly a few months ago, and it appears I must have a school nursing certificate to even apply for jobs. Does that sound correct? There is a substitute nurse position in my district, and I will apply for that this week. Where else should I look? ( I have bsn...1/2 to Masters in nursing education)
  8. Residentmaid

    WGU RN-BSN 10/01/11 start...anyone with me?

    I cannot find the facebook link. How do I get signed up for that?
  9. Residentmaid

    WGU RN-BSN 10/01/11 start...anyone with me?

    Thank you, I will look for the Facebook group.
  10. Residentmaid

    Things that nurses say that may seem inappropriate to lay people

    During clinicals LPN school several students were having a detailed conversation about whether you are to blow on it or suck.. We must have been quite naive,as none of us got it until a young doctor nearby started laughing.
  11. Residentmaid

    WGU RN-BSN 10/01/11 start...anyone with me?

    I am getting ready to start mid November. (Thankfully they are trying a new program to start classes mid month) is anyone else starting soon? For those who have started, how are things going? Any advice? Thanks
  12. Residentmaid

    Why are ICU nurses so rude?

    The pump issue is crazy!!! We are not allowed to take meds off the pump. we take their pump, settings intact, and give them one of ours. It helps avoid major issues.
  13. Residentmaid

    WGU RN-BSN 10/01/11 start...anyone with me?

    I am getting ready to officially sign up, hopefully for November 1st. Is this a respected way to get my BSN? Will employers scoff at a degree from this college? And is it fully accredited in all the ways that matter? ( I have never understood the whole accreditation thing, I guess it is possible to take classes that don't actually count?) I am also very interested in a Facebook page for this, has it been started? Thank you!
  14. Residentmaid

    Orienting woes!

    I have to agree with BayArea2010 in wondering About the Tylenol. Are you sure what you heard is what she said? Was the Tylenol order clearly written on the screen as PO or IV? Is it possible that her question was about what the order actually stated, rather than the interpreted 'can I crush Tylenol and dilute it and give it IV'. That really does sound like a stretch to say that she thought she would do that. Also, do you LIKE her? Your personal feelings toward her could be adding more stress onto her, and she is already stressed enough. I agree with posters who state a new preceptor may be helpful.
  15. Residentmaid

    Orienting woes!

    Wow, sounds stressful for BOTH of you. I am being precepted now as an RN, and it is so stressful. There are so many terms for that are synonymous with each other, abbreviations, nick names. Yesterday during an intubation in the chaos I though I heard the doctor ordered 100 of sux, my preceptor told me to go pull sux, I was like...WHAT IS SUX???? ( I may have been a little stressed!) ... She said just go tell someone you need it.... And I sux...cessfully pulled the correct med. ( first intubation witnessed.... Terminology is a huge help. My preceptor and I laughed later how bad the day did sux, and now I am on line researching the med and intubations so I am better prepared when it does happen. I did have to request a change of preceptor at the beginning, because the first one wouldn't let me do anything.... Not even press the "weigh" button on the bed.... I knew I would not learn with her . I amquite thankful for the one I have now, she picks assignents that challenge me .... Is not easy, but I am learning a lot!!! Good luck!
  16. Residentmaid

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?