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  1. Nursing2019BSN

    Application says ENG_ON_HOLD

    What does this mean? The manager told me she would follow up when they make a decision. My application says this online. I'm assuming I'm not in the running anymore? Or maybe they are prioritizing someone else? Idk does anyone know what this means?
  2. Nursing2019BSN

    Did I already screw up my nursing career?

    He was a very nice manager, and I completely understand why he said he wouldn't be a reference. He was very understanding when i told him I was resigning. but I agree--he did what was easier for him. A lot of my coworkers said they experienced abuse from patients but he would not help them report it the police bc it would look bad for him... This made me feel a lot better! Thank you so much. I just feel so idiotic and everyone around me (family and friends) are confused why i left so soon. It makes me feel like a failure. Why did I put 4 years into nursing school? I just feel like I can't survive as a nurse bc I'm really sensitive and anxious.
  3. Nursing2019BSN

    Did I already screw up my nursing career?

    I graduated with my BSN in may and got into a nurse residency program in August. I quit after 2 months because I had a terrible experience with my orientation and I struggle with extreme anxiety. My preceptors were straight up yelling at me in front of everyone every time I made a mistake. One preceptor (i had many) yelled at me because a family wanted to speak to her and she said no because she wanted to explain something to me. Idk how that was my fault, as I never told her she couldn't help them. She actively chose to say "I'm helping someone right now" to them and then went around to yell at me bc she didn't help them first and blamed me for them being mad at her ?...but I hope you can see where I'm going with this. I could never have seen myself happy there and I'm glad I quit. I quit 2 months ago, and have been applying to jobs in my hometown (my original hospital was in another state) but I'm starting to lose hope finding another job. I got an interview with a really prestigious children's hospital in my area, but my last manager told me he wouldn't be a reference bc I was only at the facility for 2 months and he didn't know enough about me. I just feel like I ***ed up big time and i have no idea where to go from here. What should I do?
  4. Nursing2019BSN

    Meeting the Sr. Director of Operations for an Interview ??

    That's what confuses me though!! If it were a smaller company I wouldn't be so confused, but this is for one of the largest hospitals in my area... (in response to twinmom--it wouldn't let me quote you for some reason haha)
  5. I am currently interviewing for a nursing job. I went through the first round of interviews with 5 different people the same day. I just got an email saying they wanted to set a 2nd interview with the Sr. Director of Operations...I have never heard of any hospital doing this before. Does anyone know why they would have me meet with this person/what this person's job role is? I'm not too familiar w the business side of things so I'm just confused why they want me to meet with this specific person. he seems very high up on the chain and i'm scared. If anyone else has heard of this can you help a girl out?? Why would this operations director meet with an individual nurse? Thanks!
  6. Nursing2019BSN

    Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    they start the residents at 27.50. You have to stay for 2 years on your floor before you can make an internal switch! Orientation is 10-13 weeks depending on if you're in the ICU or med-surg!!
  7. Nursing2019BSN

    Cleveland clinic

    Is it true that there is a 2 year requirement to stay in the unit?? I am a new grad here and not once has management told me this. I looked through my offer and it also never stated I needed to be here for 2 years. I’ve heard the other new grads talk about it and I’m just so confused. If this is a requirement how have I not been informed of it?? Does anyone else know if this is true?
  8. Nursing2019BSN

    NCLEX Pearson Vue Trick Ever Wrong??

    It was wrong for me. I took the NCLEX in June, and got the bad pop-up after waiting about 5 hours. Maybe I did it too early or something, idk?? I got my passing results through quick results 2 days later (and it popped up on my state's online board)! Good luck to you! It was wrong for me!! I spent 2 days sobbing. I felt so stupid when I saw the passing results ahhaha
  9. Nursing2019BSN

    Help! I failed.... now what?

    that's awesome! I'm rooting for you!! If you can make it through the hell that is nursing school, you can definitely do this
  10. Nursing2019BSN

    Help! I failed.... now what?

    Also, sorry to double post, but failing at 75 is slightly alarming. I would read a review book as well and review the basics. The NCLEX asks questions in a similar manner, and once you get the theory behind the way they ask the questions it will be easier to pick the right answer. You start to get a sense of what the right answer is (even if you don't know the answer) after answering so many test prep questions. I would reach out to your school as well. My school used ATI, and they had a class you can take if you failed the NCLEX the first time. Try to find resources from the connections you already have. Good luck!!
  11. Nursing2019BSN

    Help! I failed.... now what?

    I used solely UWorld to study for my NCLEX. I went to my local library to test out the other sources, such as Kaplan, but they were terrible!! Esp Kaplan, the questions are WAY too easy for the NCLEX.
  12. Nursing2019BSN

    How long to get license issued?

    I took my exam on a Tuesday, and got my license 2 days later. I got it in the mail many weeks later. I am from PA if that helps
  13. Nursing2019BSN

    Pharmacology on the NCLEX

    I took the NCLEX back in June, and I think I only had a couple Pharm questions. I had NO IDEA what the medication they gave me was, and it didn't even have a popular drug ending. All they told me was that it was a DM med, so I used that info and ran with it. Obviously, everyone's exam is different though. I still think studying the drug endings and knowing the physiology of the drugs is super helpful!
  14. Nursing2019BSN

    Cleveland Clinic Nurse Residency

    Hi guys! I am starting out at CC main campus this month and am wondering if anyone else has gone through the program as well. What should I expect/how was it it? Thanks in advance!
  15. Nursing2019BSN

    Took NCLEX twice and failed

    I'm sorry you're going through this, Lindsey! My heart goes out to you. I struggle with anxiety too, and was just a wreck the day of my NCLEX. I think it's great that you're going to counseling for your anxiety. I truly believe that once you treat the underlying disorder (your anxiety) you will pass the NCLEX. I 100% believe in you. Please keep me updated on your situation! You are definitely not alone in your feelings of anxiety, and I wish you the best of luck!

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