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  1. seericap

    focused review on ATI testing

    I plan on taking my TEAS test for a 3rd time and hoping that the 3rd times a charm. I recently seen on the ATI website that there's a section named "focused review" and was wondering has anyone used it to help them study for the test? I have a book but still, have been looking into as many study options as possible.
  2. seericap

    A&P 2 with microbiology

    We just got our final grades and I ended up finishing my a&p 2 class with a 67 so I'll have to retake it to at least make a C. I was wondering would it be okay to take microbiology with it? I mean I know the anatomy information I just wasn't really putting my all, so that's why I didn't think a second time around would be too bad with them together
  3. seericap

    I failed my first attempt on TEAS

    I just took my teas test for the first time and I failed really bad and I was wondering what are some good studying techniques, I a study book but it obviously didn't help much, I was just wondering could there maybe be any websites or something I could use and how early should I study before the next attempt?
  4. seericap

    A&P 2 in a 8 week summer class?

    I heard A&P 2 is harder than A&P 1, but since I don't work or have any other things to distract me I was thinking taking it alone may not be too bad any opinions?
  5. During the summer I plan on taking statistics, literature, and human development after that semester will be fall term and I plan on taking microbiology and anatomy and physiology 2 together, has anyone done that? I was wondering would that be too much of a course load taking 2 sciences