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  1. Failed NCLEX exam

    Thank you ?
  2. Failed NCLEX exam

    Yes I did and passed
  3. Working as an LPN while in RN school

    Hello I'm a recently licensed LPN, I just accepted a part time 30 hours a week job and am interested in going back to school for my RN (LPN to RN/Bridge program) and I was wondering how were you guys work schedule during your bridge program and like ...
  4. Failed NCLEX exam

    My second attempt is coming up and I’ve been using UWorld and mark k and still Saunders to fully understand and I’m hoping it helps this time thank you!
  5. UWorld VS ATI

    Hello everyone, I recently took the NCLEX and used ATI, Saunders, and a little bit of Mark K audios for about 2 months and failed. I felt so confident going into the exam and defeated coming out and was wondering how well is UWorld, I hear so many go...
  6. Failed NCLEX exam

    I took my NCLEX yesterday and woke up this morning to check my results and feel so defeated. Everyone whose taken it in my class so far has passed. I'm not sure what I did wrong or how to study for the next time. I felt like I was prepared and knew t...
  7. ATI CAT adaptive exam

    Hello I recently took the CAT adaptive exam on ATI and am unsure about my results I got "12th percentile of hard difficulty band", is this a good or bad thing?
  8. ATI predictor test

    Sorry I’m PN not RN
  9. Archer NCLEX Review

    Did any of you use Archer to study instead of UWorld? If so how did you like it or do you feel it helped you pass?
  10. Saunders book NCLEX

    I took the pre test and it gave me a 6 week study plan but I don't know how accurate it is. Any suggestions to best break down reading the Saunders book?
  11. ATI predictor test

    Hello, does anyone's school use the ATI to help them prep for the NCLEX if so do you believe in the accuracy of the ATI predictor test. It said I have between an 82-85% of passing the NCLEX.
  12. nutrition

    I'm having the hardest time with my nutrition class? Any studying suggestions?
  13. NCLEX cost

    Does anyone know of any scholarships or any other form of funding that can help someone who can not afford to take the NCLEX?
  14. Manual Dexterity

    It's on my requirements before turning in all of my things to apply for the nursing program, but there's just an X mark next to it with no details, I'm unsure if it's something they do as part of the application fee or is it something I'd need to pay...
  15. Manual Dexterity

    I'm not exactly sure what this is but I'm just wondering for anyone who's taken it does financial aid cover the cost if there is one, and did you have to complete yours during the program or before starting?