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  1. seericap

    Failed NCLEX exam

    I took my NCLEX yesterday and woke up this morning to check my results and feel so defeated. Everyone whose taken it in my class so far has passed. I'm not sure what I did wrong or how to study for the next time. I felt like I was prepared and knew the information. I felt confident after leaving. I used Saunders, ATI, and Mark K to study.
  2. seericap

    Archer NCLEX Review

    Did any of you use Archer to study instead of UWorld? If so how did you like it or do you feel it helped you pass?
  3. seericap

    ATI predictor test

    Hello, does anyone's school use the ATI to help them prep for the NCLEX if so do you believe in the accuracy of the ATI predictor test. It said I have between an 82-85% of passing the NCLEX.
  4. seericap


    I'm having the hardest time with my nutrition class? Any studying suggestions?
  5. seericap

    NCLEX cost

    Does anyone know of any scholarships or any other form of funding that can help someone who can not afford to take the NCLEX?
  6. seericap

    Manual Dexterity

    It's on my requirements before turning in all of my things to apply for the nursing program, but there's just an X mark next to it with no details, I'm unsure if it's something they do as part of the application fee or is it something I'd need to pay for
  7. seericap

    Manual Dexterity

    I'm not exactly sure what this is but I'm just wondering for anyone who's taken it does financial aid cover the cost if there is one, and did you have to complete yours during the program or before starting?
  8. seericap

    proof of residency

    If I recently changed addresses and haven't been living at this address for even a year what could I use proof of residency? Could I use something from my previous house as long as it's in the same state?
  9. seericap

    Immunizations for uninsured

    Soon as a child turns 21 the ACA doesn’t apply for government issued health insurance so unfortunately I can no longer qualify for my parents insurance and the school I’m attending doesn’t have a student health office
  10. seericap

    Immunizations for uninsured

  11. seericap

    Immunizations for uninsured

    There’s no student health center at the school and in the amount of time I have getting a job wouldn’t help
  12. seericap

    Immunizations for uninsured

    It really does especially for us young, poor college students that are trying to do better 😔
  13. seericap

    Hepatitis B vaccination

    Hmm 🤔 I hope mine last longer than 10 years the last one I got was in ‘98
  14. seericap

    Immunizations for uninsured

    It’s okay you’re not being nosey I appreciate you trying to help, and it’s Humana, I called DCF again and humana and they both told me, because it’s a government issued insurance the ACA under 26 rule doesn’t apply they said it’d only apply if the insurance was through her job Idk it’s because the insurance is for low income or what
  15. seericap

    Immunizations for uninsured

    Does that qualify for every county in Florida? And yes that was the health department and for people over 18?
  16. seericap

    Immunizations for uninsured

    I live in Florida and they told me they don’t do any vaccines for free, and that they had payment plans for everything except vaccinations, they said vaccinations are full price