Archer NCLEX Review


Did any of you use Archer to study instead of UWorld? If so how did you like it or do you feel it helped you pass?

Damion Jenkins, MSN, RN

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From what I have seen and heard from others who have used Archer - it's a cheaper version of UWorld. I cannot attest to the quality though. I haven't spent much time in that platform as it is fairly new. My recommendation is go with what you know works. If you need more help with which resources to use, or how you should study send a private message or click my user profile where you can find all of my contact info. 

amensaha11, BSN

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Hello I am a new grad about a week now and I was giving myself some time to relax before studying for my NCLEX RN. What should I use to study for my NCLEX UWorld or Archer review ??? I want to pass on the first try!!