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  1. Male Nursing swag

    So I'm a brand new grad about to start nights in the ER. Obviously I'm excited about my new career and want to succeed with as much ease as is realistic. My question for you all is what kind of swag should I look to pick up. I know the basics (good ...
  2. Male Nursing swag

    I do have tats but they can all be covered by a normal pair of scrubs (crept my ring). Do you know if they make a dri-fit style of scrubs? I thought I saw some advertised somewhere but wasn't sure if it was the same material make up. I'll certainly ...
  3. Male Nursing swag

    Wow man. Of course I'm concerned about patient care. This was a simple question from someone new to the healthcare world. It's much different in regards to attire and accessories then what I was in previously and was looking to, what I thought, was a...
  4. So I took my nclex on Thursday. I haven't gotten the quick results yet. However today, I got an email from the state BoN with my RN number and on the state website it has my number and active next to it. Does this mean I passed and I'm official, or d...
  5. Nclex freak out

    So I take my test in a couple weeks and over the past month at least once a day I feel myself get nervous about it. Maybe I'm looking for comfort or guidance or something. But in school I was a great student. I graduated with a fantastic gpa and did ...