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So I take my test in a couple weeks and over the past month at least once a day I feel myself get nervous about it. Maybe I'm looking for comfort or guidance or something. But in school I was a great student. I graduated with a fantastic gpa and did awesome on tests. My problem is that in going into tests in school I was confident about the material and confident about what would be asked of me.

I don't have that feeling with the nclex.

I went through the live kaplan review course that our school provided. I'm working through the content videos and the qbank questions. I've been getting qbank tests between 46-56% and the trainer tests have been high 50s. I'm doing the Nclex mastery app as well and have a 60% average on that. My classmates have all passed so far and as far as I know, no one has gotten more than 75 questions.

What at can I do to calm my nerves and be more confident about the material and know that I'm ready to take and ace this thing.


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To be honest, I don't think you will ever feel 100% ready (at least I didn't, nor anyone I talked to). I can't say I am familiar with your Kaplan or NCLEX mastery scores as I used Uworld, but just take the last couple weeks to do extra questions and review any areas that come up where you don't feel comfortable. Also, remember to take care of yourself! I didn't let myself study the day before my exam, or the morning of (I wrote at 0800). I spent that last day relaxing, went to bed early (may have had a five minute cry session), and had a good breakfast. I am sure you will be fine! You made it through nursing school so you can definitely do this!

Goodluck! :)


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Whenever you get anxious during the test take your time to do some deep breathing and tell yourself that you can do this! I felt like I forgot everything while I was taking the test, but I passed with 75 questions!

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