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  1. I'll try to make this story short, so I helped my gf get her CNA she started working at the richest nursing home in my state. Come to find out shes always talking about this one CNA that keeps neglecting and verbally abusing the residents. I helped her report the abuse to HR. Come to find out they did talk to the abuser and the abuser is also close with their scheduler... Lots of my gf's coworkers would complain about the same thing, the abuser keeps neglecting and verbally abusing residents. My gf would tell them to report her but the new CNAs are too scared to make a report. Time goes on and I keep hearing stories of her still repeating the abuse. Also ever since then my gf said management keeps trying to watch her and they eventually fired her today for no apparent reason. In her group text for scheduling she made a comment about the abuser should be getting fired and not her and that this will be reported to the state for the facility letting the abuser continue to work there. -I already called the adult abuse hotline and reported the abuser. -I feel like I need to file a complaint against the facility and make a call to the ombudsman. I learned in Nursing school that we are to report any type of abuse right away and we are supposed to be patient advocates. However after talking to some of my coworkers some of them said it might be a losing battle because this place is very very rich. I need your opinions what do you guys think before I make the complaints soon. -what type of action will they take? -since this place is very rich, do they have power to jeopardize my license?
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    Reporting abuse against a very rich facility

    I just contacted the ombudsman today and they said they are going to interview the resident. This is wrong, she reported abuse against a CNA that is close with the scheduler and in retaliation they fired her. We are supposed to be mandatory reporters and must act upon it right away
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    I love this job

    Just finished my first 2 weeks of work as an LPN and I love it. Not trying to be cocky but I am a good looking young guys with abs and a jacked body with my biceps popping my sleeves on my scrubs and veins. I love this job because I get to do what I love and there's some gorgeous females working all around me flirting. This is awesome.
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    Save your back, do powerlifting

    With proper form and execution you should be performing weight training exercises such as squats & deadlifts. Instead of resting your spinal erector muscles you should be strengthening them. With chronic non-use, this can lead to atrophy of the muscles and lead to increased injury for floor nurses. This excludes nurses who work in management.......jk
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    Save your back, do powerlifting

    This post was exactly on point! thanks for sharing
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    Save your back, do powerlifting

    sounds like a dream lol
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    Why Do Nurses Quit?

    one of my supervisors went PRN and picked up a job at Village Inn across the street, I was like WOW! holy ***
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    Am I In The Right Profession?

    Most of my Life I worked with a male dominated work place (military, car detailing, furniture delivery) and now I started working in a female one. I like working in the female one better. Why? Because most dumb alpha men will always try to prove they are better than you in some way and it gets annoying to me & they wanna fight (I consider myself an alpha too, but I dont go proving it, I am humble). In the female one I can just sit back and enjoy listening to all the women's drama and *** talking to each other. In the male one I got some "alpha" trying to *** talk me. Pick your poison lol
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    Did your dating life improve when becoming a male nurse?

    I'm a handsome young male nurse with tattoos and muscles and I constantly get matches and women who want me
  10. JackdLPN

    Do women find male nurses attractive?

    I'm a handsome young male nurse with tattoos and muscles and I constantly get hit on and women find it extremely attractive.

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