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  1. alison86786

    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    I went to an info session. The lectures for the ABSN are not online. You have to physically go to lectures. That could change for some classes they said based on the availability of the professors but as of now they are all on the Boca campus. But, for clinical they try to place you in a hospital they are affiliated with close to where you live, which is really cool. So for example if you live in Jupiter and they are able to get clinical spots at Jupiter Medical Center, they will try and place you there in clinical as opposed to Boca Regional.
  2. alison86786

    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    We both were curious about the format of the program like are the lectures online or do you have to physically be on campus for the lectures. A lot of ABSN programs have the lectures online and you only have to be physically present for labs and clinicals. I think that's why she was asking about working seeing if there's more flexibility.
  3. alison86786

    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    Please let us know if you find out! I have been posting this question on other FAU forums but haven't had any responses.
  4. alison86786

    FAU Accelerated BSN Fall 2019

    I applied! Does anyone know the format of the program? Are the lectures online? Or do you have to actually attend the lectures on campus? A lot of ABSN programs are doing that now where the lecture materials are online and you just have to be present for labs and clinical. Not sure if FAU is like that also?
  5. alison86786

    FL soon to be new grad wants to move to NYC

    I know this is an old thread, but as someone who was born and raised in NYC I wanted to give my input here... Yes NYC is easy to fall in love with when you *visit* (emphasis on the word "visit"), but it is quite another story living there. Unless you are from a city like San Francisco or equally as pricey, you will find NYC to be outrageously expensive. Just FYI--$22/hr in NYC is basically poverty. You cannot live on that. Unless you have parents or family members giving you additional money every month. Or have a 2nd job. A company I worked at they paid the admin $20/hour. She was from Ohio and also fell in love with the city when visiting. But it quickly became a rude awakening for her I became very close with her and she confessed to me that she worked at a strip club on the side 3 nights per week because the admin didn't pay enough to pay her bills to live in NYC (laugh all you want...but I'm being 100% serious. And her situation is not that uncommon). My studio in a walkup building was $1800/month. And that was considered a steal in a safe neighborhood. If you want a nice building with an elevator or doorman, you're gonna pay $2500-$3000 or more per month just for a studio. Yeah you can probably find stuff for around $1000 but it will be in an unsafe neighborhood or building....something not worth saving money on. When I got married, my husband and I moved into a 1 bedroom apartment in a luxury building in an OK neighborhood. We paid $3800 just for that. We now have a 3 bedroom house in Florida that cost $2800. $1000 less. for a HOUSE. just put that into perspective... Also--the people. Ha! my favorite part. It's very fast-paced and people are pretty rude and not friendly at all. Very cutthroat. I'm used to the NYC attitude because I grew up with it and it doesn't bother me. But for people who didn't grow up there, it's very frustrating. I knew people who moved up there from the South, midwest, etc. and they were so friendly and were really depressed dealing with the people in NYC. I live in Florida now and everyone here is so slow to me it seems lol but I realize it's because I grew up in an unrealistic environment that isn't reflective of the general population. I also find people here to be so much more friendly than NYC. But that's probably normal. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my hometown. But I just feel the need to speak up and fully inform people who are unaware what it's really like in NYC. I've just seen too many people move there from place in the South like Florida, NC, etc and the midwest who had such a hard time and some who even became on the verge of homelessness because they truly didn't realize how expensive it was to live there. If you are still REALLY compelled to live in NYC, you can look in Queens or the Bronx. Or somewhere in Long Island. But the commute into Manhattan is a b*tch sometimes. I love the subways and busses because you don't have to worry about a car, but the delays can be horrible. (A car can cost $500-$1000/ month to park just FYI). And you have to really be careful because most of the neighborhoods in those boroughs are dangerous and not safe for a woman to live in (keep in mind, walking home at night....)
  6. alison86786

    FAU Accelerated BSN Spring 2018

    Did you end up going to FAU? I'm trying to decide between FAU and 2 others. Could you provide some feedback on the program? Like is there an option to watch the lectures online and/or are they pre-recorded? Or do you have to physically be on campus for all the lectures? Trying to figure out how many days I would actually need to be present on campus. Thank you so much!
  7. alison86786

    FAU 2016 ABSN Applicants

    I know this is an old thread - but anyone currently in the program or completed it? I am trying to decide between here and 2 other schools. How are the classes structured? can you see the lectures online and/or pre-recorded? Or do you have to physically be on campus for all the classes? I know obviously for labs and clinical you must be present. I'm referring to the lecture portion. And also any other feedback and advice you can give. Thank you!!
  8. alison86786

    FAU Accelerated BSN Spring 2018

    Hey! Anyone on here end up going to the accelerated program at FAU? I applied and wanted to get some feedback. Are the lectures online/pre-recorded? or do you have to go to lecture class every day? Just figuring out how much time you actually need to be on campus for classes (not including study groups etc.) And any other feedback on the program that you can provide. Thank you guys!
  9. alison86786

    FAU Accelerated Nursing Spring 2019

    Anyone on here end up going to the accelerated program at FAU? I applied and I wanted to get some feedback on how the program is structured? Do you have to go to class every day or are the lectures available online/pre-recorded? And any other feedback you have! thank you!
  10. I applied to FAU for Fall 2019 and I'm just wondering if any current students or students who graduated from the ABSN program can give me some feedback on the program? For the classes - do you have to physically be on campus to attend all the lectures or are they recorded and/or online? How much time do you actually need to spend on campus? Any other feedback on the program or anything important to consider would be appreciated! Thank you!