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  1. Aesthetics Nursing

    Hi! I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find the answers. For one who is interested in becoming an aesthetics nurse, what degree would we need? Would an ASN work? Do you we need a BSN or even MSN? If only a ASN or BSN is required, what r...
  2. Hi allnurses, If you've applied and been accepted into FCC, what was your TEAS score and GPA? Just curious on what I'd need to get to get in! Thanks :-)
  3. Fresno State Nursing

    I'm currently attending FCC and I have already received a B in Psych and Comm, should I even consider Fresno State? I still have all of my science classes left to take plus a few other non-science prereqs. With hard work and dedication, I'm going to...
  4. Take the W? Chemistry

    I am currently enrolled in Gen Chem and I'm failing at a 58% after our first exam. I don't feel confident for my next exam. Even with studying and doing hw, I feel like it's the way my professor teaches. I sit in lab and lecture listening but I am to...
  5. Job offers before graduatiing?

    Hello all! I've been very curious as to how some nursing students have already accepted a job offer before graduation? Ive read that they started applying during their last semester because they can for a graduate nurse position. Do they have to go...
  6. Entry level hospital jobs???

    Hi, what program is this?
  7. I was told today that we do not need to complete GE requirements for our Biology degree before applying into the NP, and that you can just take your core prerequisites and apply? Is that true? If you can do that and you finish nursing school, do you ...
  8. Do C's get degrees?

    Understandable. I am currently doing pre-nursing at Fresno Community College in hopes of getting into their ADN program and they go by a point system(GPA, life situation, first generation to attend college, disability, etc.) now starting Spring 2017....
  9. Books to help me get ahead?

    Hello! I will be starting my science courses Fall 2017. If you can please give me a list of helpful books for each subject that I can purchase to read and go over ahead of time before the course begins that would be great. -Chemistry -A&P -Micro...
  10. Do C's get degrees?

    Hello all, first post here! You know the saying, "C's get degrees?" is that true for Nursing? I have read some threads on here and some say yes, some say no. To be more specific, has anyone gotten a C or more on a core/prerequisite class and was sti...
  11. Fresno City College Fall 2015

    Hi all! I'm currently taking prerequisites at FCC and hoping to be able to apply into the program in a year. I wanted to ask all those who got in: What was your GPA? What did you get in all your prereqs? How long you waited? Thank you!