Can you apply into the Nursing program without completing GE courses?


I was told today that we do not need to complete GE requirements for our Biology degree before applying into the NP, and that you can just take your core prerequisites and apply?

Is that true? If you can do that and you finish nursing school, do you just graduate as a RN without an AS degree in Biology?

Or is this completely false? I'm so confused!


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All policies such as the one that applies here, depend upon the program. You did not mention the program that you are discussing. Have you asked for clarification from the program representative? That is the best source for information. Nursing school does not require a degree in biology. Don't know where you got that notion.

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As caliotter3 said ... you should be talking to the school where you will be applying.

Every school is different. Some programs start in the freshman year, with students right out of high school -- no prereq's. Others have specific courses they require you to take before you apply. There is no standard rule. Each school makes its own rules.