Books to help me get ahead?


Hello! I will be starting my science courses Fall 2017. If you can please give me a list of helpful books for each subject that I can purchase to read and go over ahead of time before the course begins that would be great.





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This would be specific to your classes. Please address this question to your academic advisor.

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I don't have book suggestions, but I do recommend that you go to khanacademy and start working on lessons. It really helps!


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For A&P, there is a medical school-oriented phys book that I found really helpful- Linda S. Constanzo Physiology. You can get a used version for like $30. This book was so, so, so helpful for respiratory and cardiovascular physiology, and also pretty good for the urinary system. As for your A&P book, definitely look that over before classes and get a feel for the layout and your best way of reading it efficiently.

Chemistry- there are lots of supplemental chem books but really all you need is your chem text. Again, look it over ahead of time so you can read it efficiently. You can also do some of the practice problems in the book if you want to know your base knowledge level.

Micro- just the text assigned. Micro is pretty straightforward, it's just a lot to go through in 16 weeks. You can prepare by reading the assigned text before class. There are also some websites that have some tutorials and practice things that you should be able to access, you'll just have to google the specific thing you want to study. This site might be helpful. MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY ON-LINE