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  1. annabananaof8

    I Got In!

    I just wanted to share that I found out I was admitted to the ADN nursing program I applied to! I wasn't expecting to hear anything until May because the application deadline is March 31st and they typically don't send out letters until late April/early May. This semester I'm finishing up my last co-requisite for the program so I will only have the nursing classes to focus on. I plan to do my BSN online since I have some credits from a previous bachelor's that will transfer, and potentially just do the BSN-MSN program in nurse education. I originally wanted to be a CNM, and perhaps I shall, but the more I think about things, perhaps that is something left to when my kids are grown and moved out!
  2. annabananaof8

    White Swan Sizing-Help!

    Hello All! I am trying to shop for my scrubs for nursing school, and I'm having a really hard time with sizing. I checked our (not so local, but the only one around) uniform store, and they don't even carry the brand my school requires, so I thought I would turn to you all for some help! I'm 5'1, 160-ish lbs. Have broad shoulders/back, and carry most of my weight in my abdomen. Our school requires us to buy white swan fundamentals in a specific color that is to be embroidered. I'm assuming for the top I'll need a L, but the pants have me confused. I want to order the shorter length. It's recommending a size that just seems so "off" to me. If I go by hip measurements (39/40 inches), I need a M. If I go by my waist (36 inches), I need an XL. I wear a 12 in Old Navy and Levi Jeans, if that helps. I haven't been able to figure out if white swan runs big, small, or right on. The last thing I want is pants that sag on the back end.