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  1. charisma00

    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    Now that would be outright scary. Patients still need care people cant just go missing. I get your sentiment though
  2. charisma00

    Family NP in Emergency Care

    Hello I am looking at DNP programs specifically FNP in Emergency Care. I am honestly wondering if it is a successful path as other options, even without the "Emergency Care" portion. What inspired this thought is how family practice hasn't really been as lucrative for MDs, I am wondering if the case is the same for NPs?
  3. charisma00

    Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

    oh youll be fine. we all look different. youll have patients who you have no say in treating them, you may treat a racist, or a sexist or an abuser, the list goes on. what matters is you doing your job well, people need that. Trust me, having good characteristics makes a person glow on the outside. The immature people who you hear saying mean things are really the ugly ones that you will leave behind when you become a nurse.
  4. charisma00

    Nurse dating former patient?

    I wouldn't do it. Its not worth your license, its not worth your safety and security, its not worth the drama at work. It really sounds like you are crushing on him a bit tho. I can understand maybe he doesnt know not to call you at work, that its not like a retail job or something, one time okay fine. If hes been calling after you gave a No. you need to CYA, before this gets worse. Avoid him, warn your coworkers to not tell anyone about your whereabouts, get security to take you to your car late nights. If you are both interested in each other after some time, God will find a way for it to happen. THIS is just not the way.
  5. charisma00

    ABSN or MSN CNL to be an Nurse Practitioner??

    I am so thankful for your response, you have no idea. Thank you so much! It's that differentiation that I needed to hear, as I thought all MSNs were created equal and considered "advance practice". I am so glad you answered, as this was the missing link I needed to make my decision. The school would waive a few courses but I wouldn't go tot an expensive private school twice. When after practicing as a nurse Id have options. Thank you.
  6. charisma00

    ABSN or MSN CNL to be an Nurse Practitioner??

    Thank you so much for this info and suggestion!
  7. charisma00

    ABSN or MSN CNL to be an Nurse Practitioner??

    I really appreciate your detailed response and I realize I have left a lot of details out that may confuse some. Thank you so much for breaking it down.. I have answered the questions above. Another question I have is, what does it mean to be grandfathered in? Are employers mandated to pay for schooling? How does that work?
  8. charisma00

    ABSN or MSN CNL to be an Nurse Practitioner??

    okay, since this is the second time i am hearing i am confused, what should I do more research on? I do not get what I am missing here and I would like some guidance.
  9. charisma00

    ABSN or MSN CNL to be an Nurse Practitioner??

    I have my Bachelors in a non nursing field, The Paths I am considering are: ABSN>NP (MSN or DNP route) MSN CNL>NP (DNP) or MSN CNL>NP (via post masters certification) I want to be a nurse practitioner with a terminal degree. Where I am located, some MSN NPs are being phased out where now they want DNP educated NPs. Does this make better sense now? I would like to know the best path for the long run as I want to do most of my schooling young before i start a family
  10. charisma00

    ABSN or MSN CNL to be an Nurse Practitioner??

    I have. I am still confused about a few things and I am extremely confused because there are a lot of conflicting information online. The more I hear personal experiences and use the expertise of actual nurses, the more informed I can be. Isn't that what this site is for?
  11. I am looking at two schools, ABSN program at a local state college (1 year, $36,000- 55,000), or MSN CNL program at a nearby private school (2 years, $100,000 -120,000). I want to be a Nurse practitioner. What is the best path I can take, I would love to be set as soon as possible so I can have a family and have the best return on my investment. I hear MSN nurses just have to go for certification to become NPs, while i guess as a BSN nurses I'd have to go for an MSN or DNP program? I also hear MSN nurse practitioners are no longer the standard but DNP? so then Id probably would go to school so that. As you can see, I am lost. Please help!
  12. charisma00

    NJCU ABSN 2017

    got my decision email.. anyone else?
  13. charisma00

    NJCU ABSN 2017

    what I dont get is they told me Nursing CAS makes the decisions, i felt that was so impersonal. If they say they take a holistic a approach to selecting applicants how do you think they can do that with a third party selecting? Makes me so much more nervous. Also I was told to check my email..but the email they sent today mentions to check Nursing CAS:unsure:
  14. charisma00

    NJCU ABSN 2017

    I am freaking out too! I just wish it was more organized. When you give out a deadline at first, then change the date, then don't tell people when you are behind then it makes things scary. I feel so bad that they have to get all these calls but we are not wrong for it. In any case if there is a notification they should email us or post it in their website or facebook etc.