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Lovethenurse2b25 is a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in CCRN, Geriatrics.

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  1. Lovethenurse2b25

    Why is nursing not working out for me?

    Thanks for the insight. Im keeping a happy face on. It's hard to remain happy when something new keeps happening everyday. I was suppose to get oasis training apparently no one knew their contract expired for the training software. This agency is a complete mess.
  2. Lovethenurse2b25

    Why is nursing not working out for me?

    My shift were cancelled for the month of march and may entirely and other shifts in between since march. As of now the entire month of august is open due to a few employees taking a LOA. And surprisingly enough a full time position just opened but I'm already in the case management position. Im afraid if I leave I’ll burn my bridges of ever getting into a hospital. The agency is hospital affiliated. I guess I jumped the gun to fast but I was also without work and pay for a while. Per diem does not qualify for PTO. Full time employees that were canceled were instructed to use PTO.
  3. Lovethenurse2b25

    Why is nursing not working out for me?

    Thank you I will consider it. The position was per diem but I worked 3 days a week and had a month of training up until our census started to tank. In the being before covid I was canceled a few times due to a low census over the Winter time. But once covid hit it was much worse. And I’ve worked this current per diem job for a year as of last month.
  4. Lovethenurse2b25

    Why is nursing not working out for me?

    I just obtained my BSN less than a month ago. And Yes I did work I just met my one year mark as an RN. To answer your question no, I applied to many nurse residency positions last year with no luck. Also I’ve applied to non residency hospital positions as well.
  5. Lovethenurse2b25

    Why is nursing not working out for me?

    Hello All, I feel like I have the worst luck finding the right job. Why is it so hard for new grads to obtain the right employment. Let me start of by saying I am in NJ. New Jersey is in dire need of nurses but yet the hospitals won’t hire any new grads without going through a residency which has a limited amount of spots. I have a per diem job at a rehab facility which I love but when covid hit we suffered tremendously and I was canceled. Also, there is no current full time opening. So I went on the hunt for a new job. My new position is home case management and I hate it already. Im surprised the company even hired me with only one year of experience to handle cases with oasis etc. I feel extremely lazying sitting in a car all day I miss bedside patient interactions. Not to mention I am afraid to eat because of how unsanitary public bathrooms are. I travel away from home to my clients homes. I thought that it would be a good fit for me as a single mother to work M-F 8-4. But I'm left with hours of extra charting at home with no overtime. Not only that my new boss seems like a bully. I cant tell you how many times I overheard her threatening to write up employees for calling out. In fact she told one nurse she had not choice but to come in because they had no replacement during a power outage. I want to point out I hardly ever call out unless it is an emergency. I also overheard her and the regional direction threatening to make an employee ineligible for rehire if they left to work someplace else. It was if they wanted me to hear it in the office. I almost feel like I was better off being unemployed because my employers are not friendly at all. Why would some one want to sabotage another nurses career. I met a family friend at my interview and she made everything seem so nice, hence why I took the job. But in fact the agency is struggling to keep nurses and now I know why. Im thinking maybe working for six months and then going on to a new employer but I’m afraid they will blacklist me. Also with school being all remote I cant imagine teaching a 6 year old while trying to maintain my own work such as oasis etc. What did I do. All I want to do is work but not in a toxic high stress environment. I also have only a year of nursing experience.
  6. Lovethenurse2b25

    How to professionally go from full time to part time ?

    I spoke to my supervisor who mentioned it to the home care director. After all I did not expect much from her considering how many threats she made to write several employees up during a statewide power outage in my area from calling out. She simply stated that she had no way of accommodating me in any way. Despite my effort to inform them that the changes may occur after my 90 day probationary period preferably 6 months. Hopefully everything works out in my favor I have my fingers crossed.
  7. Lovethenurse2b25

    Transitioning out of Home Care Nursing

    Can you elaborate on why your company is against giving out references ? I’ve never heard of it before. I would suggest asking your supervisor if he/she can give you a letter of recommendation.
  8. Lovethenurse2b25

    Multiple vaccine errors.

    The only thing you can do now is learn from your mistake. Now matter how demanding my job is I always try to take my time. Think about your professional nursing license and what may happen if a mistake leads to an adverse event. Everyone makes mistakes. And use the medication rights... Right dose, Right route, Right reason, Right patient, Right Medication, Right time, Right response, Right Documentation
  9. Hello, I recently started a new job after having my hours reduced due to covid. The position I took on was full time Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm. I have a 5 year old that is set to start kindergarten in the fall. Initially when I took the offer because school was set to be open. However just today I learned that school will be open for two days only from the hours of 8:30-12pm. As a result I am in a bind with my new job. I would like to downgrade my hours without tarnishing any future job opportunities. I have considered going part time. As I would need to someone to essentially watch my daughter everyday of the week if the school decides to conduct all remote learning. How can I ask to switch my hours without losing my job? P.s. I am still under the probationary period. And I am also a single parent mom. I don’t know how long I can take this. All I ever wanted to was work hard and provide for my loved ones. Please share any advice you may have ? Or suggestions.
  10. Lovethenurse2b25

    I can't get a job!!

    Hello, To be honest many nurses are struggling to find or keep consistent work due to the Covid 19 pandemic. I am actually struggling myself without a lapse in employment. I would recommend trying home health, training is usually offered for at least a week. And it only requires a year of experience. Also, family is always a priority. A job is replaceable. A life is not.
  11. Lovethenurse2b25

    Is it normal to feel this way?

    Hello everyone, I am a brand new nurse with a little over a year of experience. I just obtained my BSN this year and I am extremely grateful for all of my accomplishments. However, I am a bit dreadful about how nursing is going for me. I started working my first nursing job per diem because the job did not have any full-time openings. Along with me and 4 other new nurse graduates, strange enough this rehabilitation hospital hired new grads per diem to save money all the time. I also managed to land a job at a longterm care facility but the position was also per diem so I figured both jobs will equal up to a full time position. I have worked both jobs for over a year. I know some of you are wondering why I did not go to the hospital as a new graduate. In fact, I applied to all of the hospitals in my area. I interview for a nurse residency but because I did not have a BSN and was not enrolled in a RN to BSN program they chose to find another nurse for the position. Now that I have a year of experience I am ineligible to go into a residency program. I am depressed wondering if I will ever land the right job. Covid19 has impacted my per diem jobs tremendously resulting in me being canceled and without work for weeks at a time. I’ve never worked in such an unstable way. Before nursing I worked at a assisted living for 9 years, prior to that I worked 5 years in home health. I recently took on a home health nurse position full-time because I am in desperate need of work. But is not as fulfilling as I would like for it to be. Im doing a lot of traveling even in inclement weather. And I'm not sure if this would hinder my chances of getting into a hospital even more. I would like to be in a continuous learning environment and I would like exposure to more clinical nursing responsibilities. Im starting to wonder if nursing is the right career for me.
  12. Lovethenurse2b25

    Taking on The Case Manager Role

    Thanks for the insight. Osha was a typo. The orientation is about 6 weeks with a few days of classroom training and the remaining time with a preceptor.
  13. Lovethenurse2b25

    Taking on The Case Manager Role

    To add on to the job description; it includes updating the POC, teaching the patients, families and home health aides. Collaborating with the insurance nurse and following the payers guidelines. I was told the training would be up to six weeks and slightly shorted due to covid.
  14. Lovethenurse2b25

    Taking on The Case Manager Role

    Yes, the largest hospital organization in my area. The job description does mention intake, assessments, revisits, wound care and osha. I also saw there was an option to do home infusion. But I am not currently iv certified. There is several weeks of training offered and a preceptor for a period of time. Although it was not my first choice especially with the amount of traveling involved , I am grateful to be employed after what I experienced during this pandemic.
  15. Lovethenurse2b25

    Taking on The Case Manager Role

    Hello All, Im starting a new job as a Full time nurse case manager for home health. I have a year experience in nurse working at a Subacute rehab hospital and per diem at a Longterm care facility. Unfortunately I had to make the decision to find other employment due to a low census as a result of covid at both jobs. I was cancelled on numerous occasions and in march for a month. I also have prenursing experience in home health. Please provide any advice or helpful tips good or bad. Im very nervous but also happy to know that the organization has a teaching hospital so I can expect to learn a lot. Also, eventually transfer into the hospital.
  16. Lovethenurse2b25

    Government jobs in NJ?

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone work for the government in the state of NJ? If so how did you obtain the job? Are the benefits any good? Did it require a lot of nursing experience ?

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