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  1. Lovethenurse2b25

    New Grad Jobs in New Jersey

    Hello Everyone, What jobs hire new grads in New Jersey ? I feel as if the state of New Jersey is limited to job opportunities for new grads. I have applied to all the nurse residency programs in my area. So far no luck with landing a job. Also share any jobs that are willing to train a new nurse i have been working as a nurse for 9 months. I have two PRN jobs but im looking for something full time.
  2. Lovethenurse2b25

    New grad in an ICU residency program considering quitting

    Have you thought about talking to your preceptor? Unfortunately in the nursing world you’re gonna come across lots of condescending people don't ever let anyone push you away from your dream.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I was constantly applying with hoping of landing a position in the residency. I think its ridiculous that they want you to sign a three year contact.
  4. Lovethenurse2b25

    Applying for new grad jobs in NYC

    Hi i have a linked in account but the only connections i seem to be making are with traveling agencies looking to send someone a 1,000 miles away.
  5. Lovethenurse2b25

    Investing for Nurses?

    What do you think about investing for nursing? I work at a hospital that currently has stock for $69 a share. I was wondering if anyone else invested in a healthcare business that could provide me with insight ? I am trying to learn as much as i can about investing.
  6. Lovethenurse2b25

    Home health nursing as a new grad?!

    Hi, I know this post is old. I’m also in new jersey. How is home-care working out for you ? Im a new grad myself with 7 months experience looking to get into a home care residency program.
  7. Lovethenurse2b25

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    Yes i was told by several nurses to stay away from dialysis. Im happy to hear good things about it.
  8. Lovethenurse2b25

    RN to BSN Sep 2nd Start Date

    Hi, I know this post is from august but i wanted an update on how the program is going ? Are you still taking 2 course at a time?
  9. Lovethenurse2b25

    New nurse question?

    Well said. Thanks for sharing! I’ll make a list for myself for future reference.
  10. Lovethenurse2b25

    New nurse question?

    Hello everyone, The topic came at work so i asking for everyones opinion... I know the tradition way to contact a doctor is through the telephone. Now many nurses and doctors contact each other via text. How can you contact the doctor via text without it being a HIPAA violation please give some examples or scenarios ? What if the doctor loses his/her phone and someone else gain access to that information? Also what advice would you give to a new nurse on how to feel more comfortable talking to the doctor? Many of them are intimidating.
  11. Lovethenurse2b25

    Failed pre employment screen

    I would research ny’s board of nursing procedure for testing positive. In the past i’ve read about nurses having their license suspended for as long as 5 years as a restriction. In the future i wouldn't smoke and then look for employment technology is catching up.
  12. Lovethenurse2b25

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    The manager stated it was so bad they often shut the facility down just so they can get a handle on paperwork.
  13. Lovethenurse2b25

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    No other companies i’ve looked at like Davita are pretty much the same long hours. I’ve observed Davita facilities for hours and those nurses are running like crazy it is intense.
  14. Lovethenurse2b25

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    No i ending up turning down the offer. The facility was desperate, the supervisor told me they were experiencing a big shortage and more than 75% of the workers left. Also that she would expect me to work more than 3 days a week and always work ot. Im a single mother the position did not seem ideal to me.
  15. Lovethenurse2b25

    Torn between jobs

    Very true. I may pass up on the job offer and try my luck else where. I also don't like the thought of going from job to job. As i was with my home care agency for 6 years. Before that i worked at a nursing home for 7 years.
  16. Lovethenurse2b25

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    I interview for Fresenius but did not take the job. The training is 6 months long with some classroom training and hands on experience. Upon completion of the course you have to take a exam. 16 hour shifts once you start working. I am unsure about davita.

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