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Lovethenurse2b25 is a ASN, BSN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in CCRN, Geriatrics.

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  1. Burnt Out - Hospitals are Stressful!

    Yes on several job sites I have applied to several insurance companies. Now that many nurses want to leave bedside I feel like non-bedside nursing positions are even harder to find.
  2. Burnt Out - Hospitals are Stressful!

    Yes I have explored private duty nursing. The pay was super low. The pay is an lpn rate in the $20 range. And short hour cases with hopes of building a schedule.
  3. Burnt Out - Hospitals are Stressful!

    Any suggestions would be helpful.
  4. Burnt Out - Hospitals are Stressful!

    I currently work per diem night at a hospital after working full time night for the past two years. But I don’t see myself being able to do it much longer considering that my hospital has a waitlist for days. (Its a small hospital with little to no r...
  5. Tips on easy ways to learn telemetry

    I wanted to share a helpful resource for any other nurses who may struggle with telemetry.... P.s. I am a longterm care nurse so telemetry is not something I see at all. But I do try to be helpful to...
  6. Tips on easy ways to learn telemetry

    Thank you found a Youtube channel.
  7. Looking For Advice On A Hospital Job

    Bi-weekly pay period. With the new manager is requiring is an average of 34 per week.
  8. Broke My HCA Contract

    I would first determine the prorated amount of money HCA is asking for. To determine if it cost you more money to hire a lawyer. Also a lawyer may or may not guarantee that you won’t have to pay them back. But it all depends on the contract you signe...
  9. Tips on easy ways to learn telemetry

    Also ...
  10. Why Do New Grads Lack Critical Thinking Skills?

    In my opinion, the lack of critical thinking comes from not being knowledgeable. Also the fear of being a new grad. Nursing school does not prepare you for the some of the situations you encounter in nursing. Also it depends on the amount of tr...
  11. Tips on easy ways to learn telemetry

    Hello All, A friend of mine is in nursing school preparing for a telemetry test in a few weeks. I am not that great at identifying tele strips. I am an looking for advice on easy ways to identify strips that I can share. For number 7 I was...
  12. Looking For Advice On A Hospital Job

    My friends schedule says .6 but HR emailed him and said it was an error he’s suppose to be a .8. He decided to eventually go with other employment. According to HR Mandatory overtime is dependent on the department need. My friend is a new nightshift ...
  13. Help with resume

    Hello All, Im looking to resort back to working the dayshift I can no longer work nights (running on 24 hours of no sleep). I want to transition into Case Management or Utilization Review/ Informatics. What important key words should I in...
  14. Looking For Advice On A Hospital Job

    Thanks for responding. Im just praying for the best. I really wanted to be of help.
  15. Looking For Advice On A Hospital Job

    I'm asking for advice for a friend (colleague) of mine. My friend was hired at a hospital in Nov of 2020 at a Hospital. Due to covid all of the hiring process was completed Online including the new hire orientation. This past month there was a ...