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    Do Not Resuscitate Order for suicidal patient

    In order for the DNR to be honored, the patient would have to be mentally stable/competent and be presented with information he can understand to make an informed decision about what he wants. Kind of similar to how a patient can’t be sedated prior to signing informed consent for a surgery. The questions I have about this case are: Does the hospital perform a mental assessment on patients before allowing them to make changes to their advanced directives? Does the hospital have policies/procedures for suicidal patients and whether that person's DNR is honored or dishonored? Is there documentation showing the current advanced directives compared to the previous advanced directives? Were there any drastic changes in these advanced directives after his wife died? If so, what were the changes? Is there a history of suicidal ideation or mental health treatment, and is it documented in the medical record? (documentation that notes his mental status before his wife died, compared to after) Can the family attest to his behavior before his wife died compared to after; did they notice any drastic changes in his behavior? Was he trying to give away his personal belongings? Was he unusually happy/hopeful? Is there a living will? A next of Kin?
  2. I have BLS, I agree with you on the ACLS & PALS. I've seen hospitals pay for new staff to take those courses, so I'm going to wait to take them. I kind of figured clinical experience was going to be a key factor. I was looking into taking some FEMA courses, but I'm not sure if it would really be that beneficial.
  3. I took the NCLEX on a Friday at 2pm. My computer shut off after 76 questions and my mouth literally dropped open. It had been 8 months since I graduated & I hadn't opened a book until the week before my boards were scheduled. I was DESPERATE to find out my fate and felt so much regret that I hadn't properly prepared for this ridiculous test. Of course after the test I resorted to google and started reading people's experiences with the NCLEX. That's when I discovered the PVT. I tried it at least a dozen times over the weekend, & finally on Monday my quick results were available..... I passed the NCLEX!!! I just want to hear other people's NCLEX experiences and what you all think of the PVT.
  4. What are some certifications / credentials / specialties that new nurses can easily earn quickly? I'm newly licensed and I'm not sure what specialty area of nursing I want to work in. I'm preparing to apply for jobs, so I was wondering if there are any certifications I could earn online that could set me apart from other candidates.