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  1. Does anyone currently work remotely in utilization review or case management for a company they enjoy working for, feel you have a manageable workload, and are not super micromanaged? I currently work in utilization review for a large company in prior authorization and the position is great. I've been there for about 3 years and although I really enjoy it, I would love to do something maybe like concurrent review, something reviewing hospital type records, or case management. Our company does not have any of these positions as remote, mainly the prior auth positions. I would be so hesitant to leave, as I know many remote positions have extremely long hours and poor work/life balance from what I have heard, so just wondering what may be out there.
  2. cshelly12

    Scheduling Hospice Visits

    How do you typically structure your day, as far as setting up visits? I find it difficult to leave less than a 2 hour gap between appointment times, because I never know how long the visits will take. For example, I typically schedule my patients at 9, 11, 1, and 3. This leaves me able to see 4 patients on an average day.
  3. cshelly12

    Hospice Communication in the field

    If patients are calling in, we work on a pager and voicemail system. So we are paged for urgent/emergent needs, and a voicemail is left for routine needs. This allows us to know if we need to step out of a visit, or can wait to return the call until we are finished. My supervisor may call me occasionally, but mainly they would communicate via email.
  4. cshelly12

    Arrival Time for Death Pronouncement

    I'm wondering what is the average/longest time it takes you to get to a death pronouncement? I am a fairly new hospice nurse, and work for a large company that is currently pretty well staffed, and feel like I have good support. I was stuck in a crisis visit today, and had another one of my patients die in the meantime. There was some miscommunication, and no one called the patients wife back for over an hour after she left the message letting me know he passed, and we did not have a nurse out there for close to two hours. I have been feeling horrible about this all day, and cannot get it off my mind. I really don't know what I could have done differently, as it wasn't really an option to leave the patient I was with. Just wanted to get some thoughts on these situations, and what y'all do.
  5. I am fairly new to home health and just wanted to get some opinions on what you typically do for critical vital sign results. For example, for a critically high blood pressure, >180, do you send you patient to the ER, or contact the physician?
  6. cshelly12

    485 plan of care for home health

    Does anyone know if an LVN can fill out the care plan (485) form that is faxed to the physician or if an RN must do this? Also, are there the same 60 day recertification requirements for patients who are on medicaid, or is that just a medicare thing?
  7. cshelly12

    Home health RN supervisory visits

    Hello, I work for a small home health care agency in Texas. I have been doing a lot of research on the frequency of requirements for RN supervisory visits for medicaid patients. All of the information I find is only relevant to supervision of HHA's, and not LVN's. I know if someone has a HHA, the RN supervisory visit is every 60 days if they are receiving HHA services only, and every 14 days if they are also receiving SN, PT, or OT. I still have not been able to find anything for supervisory visits for patients who are only receiving SN care from an LVN, with no HHA. If anyone has any information on this topic please let me know. Thanks!

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