Scheduling Hospice Visits


How do you typically structure your day, as far as setting up visits? I find it difficult to leave less than a 2 hour gap between appointment times, because I never know how long the visits will take. For example, I typically schedule my patients at 9, 11, 1, and 3. This leaves me able to see 4 patients on an average day.

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I see about 4 patients a day. Prefer 3 so everyone can get plenty of TLC, occasionally have 5 and then I'm antsy and grumpy. I know nurses who do up to 7 (but they're in there for about 15 minutes a pop).

I assume an hour a patient and factor in drive time. I divide my patients by area and visit one town a day. If I have multiple patients in a SNF or ALF, I try to see them all the same day. (Not sure what your census is. I have 14-18 visits a week.) Home care patients get priority for picking their day/time.

After a couple visits, I get a sense of whether this is a patient/family that needs lotsa love (so let's always assume they'll get an hour at least) or if they're kind of get in-get out (so I can probably get it done within 30 minutes).

OH, and I always top-load my week. Best case scenario, I will have an easy Friday. Worst case scenario, I won't be drowning when the inevitable Friday afternoon admission comes in. XP


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Four visits a day is a good number. 5 works too, barely. I found that 6 or more was drive-by nursing at its finest! :) Unless the 6 are situated in one LTC facility. Just remember that one patient can quickly go to hell in a hand basket and may screw up your planned day....God bless 'em! Or if you get really lucky, they may all decide to get really depends. So I think you're on the right track with 4 visits.


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We HAVE to do at least FIVE visits to "meet productivity." I only dream of having four visits a day...

I give my families an hour time window such as "I plan on being there between 1 and 2 today, is that okay?" and go from there. My productivity is 21 per week


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My friend gives out two hour time windows and says this is generally effective.