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I live in CT, and I would like to know if anyone has had any experince with Maxim? Good or bad, would like to know...... thx... Read More

  1. by   Blackcat99
    Yes, caliotter3 CA is indeed one of the highest cost of living areas in the nation. I left CA many many years ago. In CA, I felt like the apt manager was my pimp. I would have to hand over my check to him to pay the rent for a small cramped single apt. I had assumed that Maxim would have to pay higher wages in CA due to the cost of living. OMG!
    $14-16 an hour in Los Angeles is unbelievable!!!!!!
  2. by   AdiaRN
    What is the point of going to school then if they pay $14? Thank God i don't live in CA.
  3. by   caliotter3
    Maxim and other agencies know how bad the job market is in CA and they take advantage of the fact that they can always find a ready, willing, and able (or not so able) worker at low wages.
  4. by   Blackcat99
    You're right. Maxim is not the only one taking advantage. I saw a new nursing agency asking for an LPN here in Florida for $12.50 an hour.
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  5. by   Hagabel
    Quote from Blackcat99
    Here in Florida, Maxim guarantees that you will indeed get the lowest wages possible. Of course, when they advertise they all say that they offer "competitive wages". The pay here in Florida for LPN's is $15 an hour. The pay for RN's is $16 an hour.

    OMG.....I just started PDN (school peds trach case) in VA and am earning $29 per hr (big drop from the hospital). I though that was low..
  6. by   LadyMonteCarlo
    Maxim picks up posted resume's from Monster and Careerbuilder, etc. Then, they start "cold calling" nurses. I mean they call like a debt collector would call -- everyday, sometimes several times a day. No need to be flattered about the call, they do it to everybody that they can get their phone number from. They put a lot of pressure on and refuse to take "No Thanks" for an answer until you finally tell them to stop calling.

    This should be a definite warning to all nurses that you don't want to deal with any business that has this type of approach. Several years ago, I actually bit and signed up with them for about 2 months doing some assisted living type visits on the side during weekends.

    I found that during the work week they would contact me at my full - time job quite often. When I told them I was working and would have to call them back, their instant response was always, "Oh, this will only take a minute." Then, they would proceed like some kind of telemarketer and bend my ear for 15 minutes about some potential assignment without one bit of concern that they were disturbing me at my regular job.

    I told them I had to have one weekend off after 2 months of every weekend without relief for personal reasons. Well, it seemed that it was just IMPOSSIBLE for them to do anything about it and I HAD NO CHOICE, but to work for them that weekend. So, I basically told them to stick where the sun don't shine and never went back.

    To this day, these clowns will still occasionally call me to see if I would like to do some shifts with them. Complete LOSERS. I have been on the playing field for over 20 years and this was one of the worst employment experiences of my career.
  7. by   Blackcat99
    The harrassment doesn't stop even after you have been working with them for awhile . I have a relative who is to be notified for "emergencies only". Those clowns have been calling and bothering him weekly because they call my house and I'm not home. They call my house once and if I'm not home they leave a message. After that one call they immediately then call my relative who lives out of state!!!!!
    What do they expect? That I spend my days off sitting by my phone in case they call? They also have my work schedule. They also call my relative when it is obvious from my work schedule that I am actually at work. Call me at work you clowns!!!!!
  8. by   HisTreasure
    Maxim left a bad taste in my mouth. Like, seriously bad. Granted, they hired me at a "higher" rate of pay for my experience but they misled me on the payor on a specific case. Long story short, they were making over $20 per hour off of me because it was a Medicaid case and they weren't passing the enhancement on to me like they were supposed to. Thankfully, they ticked the dad off one too many times (single dad raising a med fragile kiddo) and he fired Maxim. I waited my obligatory time and went back to work for him 40 hours per week and recouped the money that Maxim was profiting. Yes, every agency is in business to make money, but some things are just ludicrous. Paying nurses LESS THAN HALF of the money they are legally making? Insane... That was a while ago but I doubt much has changed with their business practices.
  9. by   LadyMonteCarlo
    One thing I forgot to mention that all nurses considering taking to plunge with Maxim should be aware of, there are some things they won't tell you for sure.

    I am in Austin, Texas and when I accepted my first assignment with Maxim it was working in an Assisted Living Facility. I received one day of orientation with another nurse working, of course, side by side with this nurse for this large facility and after that I was on my own.

    Well, when I got my first check, guess what? For that day of orientation, I was paid minimum wage!! Man, I was ticked off and when I confronted Maxim about it they said, "Oh, we didn't tell you about that? I'm sure we must have." Yeah right, and I am sure the rest of you nurses would be more than happy to do any shift for minimum wage, orientation or not now wouldn't you ? When I am passing meds and rendering patient care regardless of the circumstances, I expect to be paid nursing wages, IMO. After all, if I screw up it IS my license.

    That should have been more than enough for me, but hey I'm a real die hard and love being taken advantage of until it is obvious it will never stop. Maybe this only happened at that one office in Austin, but it may be happening all over too. Never know if you don't bring it up.
  10. by   Blackcat99
    It happens all the time with Maxim. They never warn you that orientation is just minimum wages.
    A similiar thing happened to me at NurseCore. I went to a hospice orientation. I only received $10 for that day.
    When I asked where my money was they said "Oh we only give gas money for orientation days."
    They never warn you ahead of time about these things. Never.
  11. by   caliotter3
    You mean all that orientation I have done for no pay could have been at minimum wage?
  12. by   Blackcat99
    Oh no!!!! It sounds like caliotter3 got the worst deal. No money at all. Not even gas money!!!!
    I'm sorry to hear that you got absolutely nothing for orientation.
  13. by   caliotter3
    That is my present agency. I don't know who they think they are, but they pay nothing and act like I'm crazy when I mention pay for orientation, or overtime, or holiday pay, or reporting time pay. Actually Maxim usually paid me for orientation, and it was my regular hourly rate. That was one thing they managed to do right, most of the time.

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