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I live in CT, and I would like to know if anyone has had any experince with Maxim? Good or bad, would like to know...... thx


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I have worked for Maxim for over a year. I'm in California, so I have no comments about how they are in your area. It's not my dream job, but it works well for me as I continue my education. I feel like I've been treated fairly thus far. If you need flexible hours, this may work well for you. Best of luck to you!


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thx for taking the time to post a reply. i have a full time job in a school, so it for per diem no benfits, but the money is amazing. i have gotten a good feeling from them so far............


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I have had interviews with Maxim and do not have the same vibes that you do about this place. There have also been some bad things said about this company on this website, so you may want to look those up if you can. By the way I do live in a different state then you do so maybe this company might be better.


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I worked for Maxim briefly in NY.. they were okay although I thought they could have been more professional


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There are many posts about Maxim on this site, most are not positive. They are the lowest paying agency in my area and are not known for being high quality by former clients.


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Do a thread search, you will find plenty of posts about Maxim already...mostly negative. My experience with Maxim was a nightmare... unorganized, unprofessional, constant schedule mix-ups, etc! Avoid them is my advice!


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I believe that I got a little too excited about an opportunity. I had a recruiter from Maxim call me and asked if I would be interested in hospice cases. I told him that I would be. However, after really thinking about it, I realize that I am not prepared to be a hospice nurse on my own.

I was thinking about applying for Maxim, and they just happened to call me. I applied there two years ago. At first, I was thinking more along the lines of following nurse before I took case and the family may be able to help educate me as well. However, hospice is whole different scene. I really have no bedside nursing other that the geri-psych nursing. And, then we sent them out to a medical facility.

I am thinking that perhaps that I should call the recruiter back and say that after giving it more thought, I don't feel qualified to be on my own in a hospice case. However, I would be open to a case that is not too complicated. I am willing to learn, but hospice seems like I should have much more experience. I would love to do hospice with the adequate training. Perhaps, I should call the recruiter and pass this on to him.

I am just at a point where I need a job, but not willing to jeopardize myself. Does anyone have any experience in working with hospice cases for Maxim. I am afraid they would not give me adequate orientation.

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Orientation? Orientation! You're not serious, right? Oops... I bet you are. If you get more than 2 hours of orientation, count yourself lucky.

I just had my orientation with maxim for per diem hospice work. I am a brand new RN so have no experience and this is what was open. Yeah, it kinda sucks that there is only a 1.5 hr orientation, most of which is someone handing you stacks of papers to read. But I look at it as an opportunity to get nursing experience thinking on my feet and autonomy that I might not get otherwise as a new nurse.

I will say the recruiter mislead me initially, saying they had many day and night shifts. Turns out if you actually want to work alot, you'll need to have night availability and its a 13hr shift. Yes it's unprofessional but that's the real world and dealing with recruiters of any kind.


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Maxim is not the only employer that misleads prospective employees about available work.


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Here in Florida, Maxim guarantees that you will indeed get the lowest wages possible. Of course, when they advertise they all say that they offer "competitive wages". The pay here in Florida for LPN's is $15 an hour. The pay for RN's is $16 an hour.:mad: