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  1. rosey2007cna

    All nurses having difficult time right now, thanks for listening

    I am(was) a pregnant CNA and have had no luck finding a job. Now that I am almost 8 months pregnant I am not looking anymore. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. rosey2007cna


    I am sure that someone can explain it better then I can but I will try. Medicare is for folks that are at a certain age and getting social security. Medicaid is insurance for people who meet certain low income requirements.
  3. rosey2007cna

    Is it legal to put patches on residents?

    Yea I was sure that I was right and I did not want to put my license on the line.
  4. rosey2007cna

    Is it legal to put patches on residents?

    I do have a nurse delegation but that means that I have to be delegated for each different resident by a RN(which this company did not have on staff). Being a non medical home health agency I do not think that I should have been asked to put the patch on this woman in the first place. I was under the impression that I would only have to give med reminders.
  5. rosey2007cna

    Is it legal to put patches on residents?

    I have been wondering about this for awhile now. I worked for a non medical home health care giving company and they wanted me to put a Lidoderm patch on one of my residents. Anyway (against what the supervisor said) I refused to put this patch on this person because it had to be delegated(as far as I know). I ended up contacting the nursing agency that she was going through and had them apply the patch. I am 99% sure that I was right about this but wanted to make sure. Needless to say the client did not want me back as her care giver.
  6. rosey2007cna

    For all of those on Medicaid

    My son and I are currently on Medicaid (I am pregnant). I am thankful for what I have because without it I would be in big trouble. At the beginning of my pregnancy I worked as a CNA and had to quit because I was unable to preform my job duties as well as I would like to. My OB at the time refused to put me on light duty because he told me I still could lift all my residents with no problem. I felt that I was putting the lives of my residents on the line because I was so tired and sick all the time. I feel that no matter what insurance we have that we should be treated with respect .
  7. rosey2007cna

    What are the worst call in excuses you've heard?

    I had a t shirt that said that lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. rosey2007cna

    What are the worst call in excuses you've heard?

    "My uniform is in the drier" was what someone told me when I was a supervisor.
  9. rosey2007cna

    Maxin nsg per diem

    I have had interviews with Maxim and do not have the same vibes that you do about this place. There have also been some bad things said about this company on this website, so you may want to look those up if you can. By the way I do live in a different state then you do so maybe this company might be better.
  10. rosey2007cna

    LTC helped this new nurse develop a backbone

    I worked in a LTC as an aide and they would make me get up these dieing residents. I had one poor lady who was like a wet noodle when I got her up in the morning. The reason I had to get her up was because she was a feeder and had to go to the dining room . Anyway, I guess they had their reasons for getting people up who in this position but I always felt bad for the residents that I had to do this to.
  11. rosey2007cna

    Absolutely ridiculous

    I have worked in the different LTC facilities and they all sucked. With the last facility I got so burned out that I hope that I never have to go back to LTC. It is such a negative place to work and I think that home care is better.
  12. I decided to become a CNA before I went further into nursing. I am glad I did because I found out that I would not make a good nurse. I plan on going into a different field all together.
  13. rosey2007cna

    how to be perfect in a world expecting you to be perfect..

    I am an aide who a couple of years ago tried taking care of my mom, full time parent, going to school full time and being a care giver. I got to the point where I could not take on all three anymore so I told my mom that she would have to hire a home health agency to come in and help you. I felt bad but it actually ended up working out great. My mom made friends with her care giver and my mom felt that she had her dignity back. I think that in your care I would take some time off from both jobs. As you know it is important to take care of yourself.
  14. rosey2007cna

    Long Term Care Inservices

    At one facility I worked at they had 2 or three different times that they did the inservice. They also did video taping of the inservice as well.
  15. rosey2007cna

    For CNAs etc.

    At the last ltc place I worked at they said that we were to leave at our end time and not give report. Well, I stayed anyway and at least gave a verbal report. It was rare that I would leave without giving report. The last thing that I want to happen is to have someone on the toilet and then leave with the next shift not knowing. We had no idea how got MOM or supp it was just a crap shoot. Thank goodness I do not work there anymore and I hope that I will not have to work in a place like that again.
  16. rosey2007cna

    Turn every two hours

    I took my CNA class in 2008 and they told me to turn my residents at least every two hours. That was the case for almost all the places that I worked at. Then I worked at one place that told me to turn my residents every three hours and even had the nerve to mark me wrong on one of my tests for saying that they need to be turned every two hours . I could not believe that they think it is okay for a resident to sit in the same spot for three hours.