Priority Questions on NCLEX!!!


I took my nclex today, I had 75 questions and it seems that I had a TON of priority quesitons. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad. HELLLLLP!!!!!:crying2:


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I took it today too. I also had 75 ?'s and lots of priority ?'s, as well as some infection control and obscure med ?'s.

I tried the Pearson Vue "trick" and think I probably passed. I won't be able to really relax until I seem my name on the registry, though. This is so nerve wracking.

Have you tried registering again through Pearson Vue?


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what is the Pearson Vue trick??????????????


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I had a few infection control questions too. I had a few meds that I had never seend before. There was no way to classify them either.

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Took RN version today, also. Loads and loads of "Who would you assess/call first" questions, and many many infection control questions. And, for some reason, lots of SATA (14 or 15), many of them over the same content. In fact, my last 5 questions of 151 total were SATAs.


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I tried the pearson vue trick like 5 times and the box popped up that said I was already registered. On the instructions that were posted on here that means you passed, but I'm not real sure.


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you passed


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Paid the 7.95 for quick results and found out I passed!!!! :yeah:

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