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I'm lining up my pre-reqs for the upcoming Fall semester right now and have just realized that to get all the classes I need I will have to be enrolled in 3, THREE separate community colleges. Anyone else having to jump through unexpected hoops to get all their required courses squared away in a timely fashion? Not that I'm complaining, though.:saint:

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Just curious, because I'm sure others will ask: how did you figure this out?


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Yes, I had to take pre reqs at 2 different community colleges, both an hour from my house. My local community is really small & is not very good. I just remind my self that it will be worth it eventually.

I completed mine at both the local University and a local Community college at the same time... zoe is right keep your eye on the prize and it will all be worth it.


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It's because none of the three offers ALL of the courses I need to take. So, I had to scope out which schools had which classes in order to be able to take them all in the same semester. I just laid out all of the possibilities among the schools I am able to commute to and cobbled together a workable schedule.

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Yep. The community college near me had different pre requisites than one an hour away for chemistry. If I didn't take chemistry in the summer, I would have finished pre requisites for nursing by summer next year - too late to apply for fall 2014 and would have had to wait until fall 2015.

Oh and I satisfy the pre requisites for chem at the hour away school.

What sucks more is I drive a not-so-great gas mileage car lol


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Yep! I had to go to 3 different community colleges in the area to get all my prereqs done. It wasn't so much that the same classes weren't offered at every school, it was that by the time I could register for classes (everyone has a registration date - the first date they can register for a class), there was no room left so I had to take whatever I could get. (I didn't have the luxury of being able to take classes during the day because I work full-time, so the limited evening classes filled up extremely quickly.) For the first 2 semesters, I couldn't even get into any of the science classes I needed because they were packed, so I had to take some fluff classes to up my registration spot for the next semester. I began on this journey of trying to take pre-reqs in Fall 2009, finished my last pre-req in Fall 2012, applied to 2 ADN programs in February 2013, and in April 2013 got accepted to both :D. Keep your eye on the prize and you won't even remember the struggle to get there once it's over. Good luck to you!