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  1. Who does that?!

    I appreciate your openness on this topic, not just for the sake of understanding for other addicts who struggle, but also just for the sake of openness itself! I am only just about to begin nursing school, but have been on allnurses for about a year...
  2. I am afriad to go to nursing school...

    I'm in my twenties and living with my parents and had been stuck like this for a long time, really wondering what the heck was going to happen to me. I realized what I wanted for myself, and that I had been letting fear rule my life, as an earlier c...
  3. Nursing school interview questions

    Hi all, I have looked through a lot of threads on interviews, but I have a specific question on interviewing to get into nursing school. "Tell us about a time when you were in a stressful situation and how you dealt with it" seems to be a really comm...
  4. What classes did/are you take/taking for Summer?

    I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology I&II, both accelerated one after the other. (Currently about half way through I). And Lifespan Development for the full summer semester. It's intense, but going well so far!
  5. Prerequisite relay

    Carolinapooh, It's because none of the three offers ALL of the courses I need to take. So, I had to scope out which schools had which classes in order to be able to take them all in the same semester. I just laid out all of the possibilities among...
  6. Prerequisite relay

    I'm lining up my pre-reqs for the upcoming Fall semester right now and have just realized that to get all the classes I need I will have to be enrolled in 3, THREE separate community colleges. Anyone else having to jump through unexpected hoops to g...
  7. Are You A Victim?

    I agree. I've also seen a few posts about mean/bad teachers and how to cope, and then the discussion turns into a debate on whether the teacher was in the wrong or the poster should just get over it. How about BOTH? Toughening up doesn't have to m...
  8. I'm a pre-nursing student and having similar thoughts, so I hope this gets some insightful replies. In an informational session I went to I heard about a WOC program that interested me... even though I am a naturally very squeamish person. Weird. ...